The true meaning….

This is a piece that came to my heart again while looking at our Christmas tree lights and our Sheltie Lassie underneath them. It was  originally written by my sister, but I have decided to write what I remember from memory and perhaps add a few lines to it 🙂 So sit back and enjoy a Thanksgiving memory from a few years back. Why Thanksgiving when its the Christmas season now? You will see why in the end 🙂

500 miles away you were in Indiana with Brad’s family and we were all gathering at Mom’s for Thanksgiving. You were texting me that day at different times, here is the true meaning behind some of them texts.

“So have you all eaten yet? The food will soon be ready here, and I am ready for it!”

“No, haven’t sat down yet to eat, still waiting.”

Why we hadn’t sat down is due to the fact that when the Kings arrived, Lassie came to the door to greet them. Sharon had her arms full and accidentally stepped on Lassie’s tail. Lassie spooked and shot out the open door running full force. Sharon put down her things and went running full speed behind her down the road.

Sharon ran as far as she could, but had to turn back when her breathing started getting to her, due to the cold and her activity induced asthma. She had followed Lassie a few miles from Mom and Dad’s. Saw Lassie get hit by a car, the bumper touched her hip and Lassie shot off into the woods off the road. The driver felt awful, she loves dogs! It was not her fault tho and Sharon was quick to tell her that, she took down Mom and Dad’s address and phone number and asked Sharon to keep in touch letting he know about Lassie. Sharon dejectedly went back to the house with her heart sinking.

In the meantime, Brandon had pulled in the drive. when he heard what had happened he took off running with his Siberian Husky.

When everyone gathered back, we sat down and worried. No one had a appetite, as we watched the food get cold.

“The food was delicious, getting ready to play some games now, how are you all?”

” We are just sitting around taking a breather.”

We made up cards with Mom and Dad’s phone number on it and went out to the neighborhood door to door telling people about Lassie.

It was getting colder out and starting to rain, with darkness soon coming it made us more anxious to find her. Dad went out around the spot where Sharon had followed Lassie, he was calling and calling out to her. Praying at the same time with a heart that knew God cared about Lassie too. He spied her nestled down in the deep grass shaking. She was still a distance from him and very close to a fence that she could easily jump. which led to the highway. Dad did not want to spook her, he knew she was probably very scared and possibly really hurt from the car. He slowly walked and kept calling her name. To Dad’s joy she finally rised and started coming towards him. His heart was full with emotion as he finally could touch her and hold her close.

When he came home with her there was much rejoicing and tears of relief. We called the driver who had checked in before,  anxious to know if Lassie has yet been found. She was such a  caring person.

“So are you all having fun? Sitting around and relaxing?”

“We are playing cards now, Mom needed to unwind.”

” Oh playing cards is always fun with everyone, Lassie doing Ok?”

Right now she is gobbling down food!”

“Ha! She can eat a lot! Well enjoy the rest of the evening. Happy Thanksgiving! love ya!”

“Same to you!”

And that my friends is what Christmas is all about! This was a lot shorter from my sister’s original copy. What happened is when we came to get Lassie, my sister was at my parents house. She called me into the living room and gave me a printed out copy to read. I was so shocked as I read and my eyes filled with tears and my heart with love! Meanwhile the girls were with Lassie, not knowing what was transpiring. My youngest who was 8 at the time was opening the back door to let Lassie out. My Dad said, NO, she needs her leash. Lassie belonged to my daughter, she had always wanted a collie. We compromised with a Sheltie for they were smaller. She looked up at my Dad and said, “Lassie is a good dog, she never runs away!” My Dad advised that she still wore the leash and she did 🙂 Also as Tierra was rubbing Lassie down, she found little bumps on her and some red scratches and asked what they were from. I now forget what my Dad said, but she was satisfied with the answer. We didn’t want to tell the girls yet about what had happened, for we feared that they would never want us to leave Lassie again. Lassie was so lucky to just make it out with a few scratches and bites. Her hip was fine, but she did develop arthritis from being hit. In the winter it acts up, reminding us of how God was looking after her that day.

Yes, I know this was over Thanksgiving, but to me it stood out for the true Christmas meaning. It was about family pulling together! Family loving each other so much that they would do whatever they could to help the ones in need. Amidst the presents that were shared at Christmas time, this was the best one of all. For this was a present from the heart, a present that couldn’t be wrapped or bought. One of true love. and  My family and I will be forever grateful for what they did that day to find our beloved dog.

Merry Christmas everyone!   Remember the best presents are the ones that can’t be bought, and yup I have the best family 🙂

04ALassie as a puppy when my daughter first got her. She was bigger, when this story took place!

Do You Hear what I Hear?

What are the sounds of the Christmas season that you like? Christmas music is one of my favorites! I love the spiritual songs,  O Holy Night,  Silent Night, Mary, Did You Know and Angels We Have Heard on High are some of my favorites. The secular  songs like: Holly Jolly Christmas, Silver Bells, Where are you Christmas, The Christmas Shoes song and who can’t like Rudolph and Frosty all make me feel happy inside.  The Funny ones…Yes, I do want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 🙂 Santa being stuck in a chimney would be quite a sight to  see and how many of you parents have played the song.. “I’m getting Nuthing for Christmas” for your precious children? They remind you to not take time to be light hearted.

I enjoy the sound of stillness…of peace…as I stare at the Christmas lights in my dark room…or as I watch the beauty of the first falling snow. The peace as I watched my precious angels sleeping. Remembering how hard it was for them to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, but at last sleep would overtake them.

The sound of laughter when family and friends gather. I really don’t know if there is a better sound! It’s so good for the heart.

And last of all the sound of the song that inspired this, “Do you Hear what I Hear”.  Very pleasant sound, especially  when you realize that  you fortunately missed out on hearing the sound of police sirens; as you were greatly enjoying that  song  in your car. You are very glad you heard the sound of the little voice inside you saying, “Look at your speed”,

In closing, that last paragraph  may not have been specifically talking about yours truly. That is for you to decide 🙂

Blessings as you enjoy the sounds of the season!

My Bucket List!

The glow of the lights off the Christmas tree, Kenny G playing on the CD player…me snuggled on the couch with a blanket, reading a Christmas story from my Kindle. Perfect way to start the day!

Since I wrote a anti-bucket list I  it made me think of what I wanted on my real bucket list. So here is the list, not complete, but gives you an idea, and me something to start with, as I continue this on this journey of life!

1. Visiting a tropical island, sitting on the beach sipping a little umbrella drink….AHHHH…I am ready!

2. Having my writing not just be a hobby

3. Visit a castle, something intriguing about castles

4. Visiting Ireland, I can see castles there 🙂

5. Seeing something on Broadway

6. Being a contestant on Price is Right. LOL! I loved watching that when I was a child. I always thought it would be fun to be on Family Feud too. Keep telling my husband to go on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, a easy way to win a fortune. He hasn’t agreed yet! HA!

7. Swimming with dolphins…I think this would be delightful!

8. Holding a koala, have always loved koalas

9. Having a personal masseuse….Starting the day like that would be very awesome!

10. Waking up with no worries and turning on the tv and the news reporter saying that there is NO BAD NEWS to report, no crimes, no accidents, no nothing…the world is all sunshiny and bright! Oh wait, guess that would mean I was in Heaven 🙂

Wrting a letter with objects

Today’s suggestion is to write a letter to someone dear to you, letting them know how special they are. But using 5-10 objects to describe your emotions instead of words.

I am thankful for the warm feel of the prayer shawl around me, reminding me of your many dedicated prayers for me. As I write in my journals that you have given me over the years, I am reminded of your encouragement to me in my writing, The beauty of the hummingbirds and chickadees remind me of your love of nature that you have passed down.

The taste of chicken curry delights my taste buds and my soul, as I think of the many meals you have made with love for our family and the recipes you pass down. The Shrewsberry cookies remind me of Grandma and how you faithfully made her recipe each year, bringing her love into our hearts.

I always loved the sound of you playing the piano, it brought a warm peace into the house. I watched as you lovingly took care of our dogs, giving me a love for animals, which has passed down to my children. The gentle way you handled the Christmas ornaments year after year, the ones we made as kids never became old to you. The presents you gave were always nice, but most importantly was the love they were wrapped with and how that love continues to wrap around me like a warm blanket. Thank you Mom, I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Today these quotes are dedicated to my Beloved! We are celebrating 19 years of marriage today!! Featured image

Falling in love is easy….But staying in love is very SPECIAL!!

I didn’t plan on falling in love with you and I doubt you planned on falling in love with me. But onc we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. from the Notebook (love that movie)

Let me explain this last quote. I had basically given up on guys, decided I was going to do my best at being content being single. My friend asked me to be in her wedding. We had been friends when we were teenagers in Pennsylvania. She moved away to Indiana and went to college out there. She was getting married Dec.31st. I agreed and was unaware of how that week-end would change my life! I met my husband to be at the rehearsal dinner and yes from first sight I felt something special was in the air. When I flew home I was literally flying high, something had happened to my heart. We were 500 miles apart, it wasn’t ideal but as the quote says we couldn’t control it 🙂

The couples that are “meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that meant to tear them apart, and they come out even stronger than they were before.

I was asked while dating if I was sure this long distance relationship could work. I answered affirmatively that it would and it did 🙂 and that wasn’t the last hardship we had to deal with. But it gave us a strength that we continued to use in our marriage as we battled storms that came and that we will keep on using.

One of the greatest things in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and differences and still thinks you are absolutely amazing!

and I will end with a smile 🙂Featured image

Love is….putting your COLD feet on his warm ones 🙂

Blessings to all of you who are married, may you continue strong through the ups and downs! And to those still searching for that special someone, don’t give up! They can come when you least expect iFeatured imaget!!Featured image


I just spent time typing up a blog that I thought turned out pretty well, but apparently computer didn’t like it and deleted it. It said it was posted, but I don’t see it!! So now I have to go to work, and you all will have to wait to see my masterpiece, HAHA! If I can remember it!! Hope this isn’t a sign of how my day is going to go!

My anti-bucket list

I have been told that I should post more regularly and its something I want to do, so will see if I can accomplish it this week! Thankful to my wonderful readers that want to hear from me 🙂 Each day us bloggers are given a suggestion of something we can write about if we so choose. I want to try using these suggestions more often along with my own thoughts. Today the suggestion struck me….What is it that you do NOT want to do,, places you don’t want to go?  What are things that will definitely not appear on your Bucket list?

1.No desire at all to go bungee jumping!

2. No desire to jump out of a airplane…tho my dear friend did it and loved it! I am sure it can be a exhilarating experience, BUT……I would be screaming the whole way down, unable to enjoy it and with the way my luck goes…well don’t have much trust in the parachute 🙂

3. Do not want to go deep sea diving. I am sure there is beautiful stuff to see under the water, but I will be content with watching it on DVD’s while I breathe freely without worrying if my tank will run out of air, and if I will make it back up before it does!

4. Mountain climbing, I climb enough “mountains” in my life, don’t need to climb a literal one 🙂 I am talking the HUGE mountains like Mt.Everest,etc. Little mountains I can handle 🙂

5. Love the penguins…who couldn’t fall in love with March of the Penguins. But no desire to go to Antartica

6. No desire to try to be a contestant on Survivor

7. Can’t say I wish to visit Cuba or the island of Alcatraz or the Sahara Desert  anytime soon

8. If I never eat strange insects, even if they have chocolate on them my stomach will NOT MISS them! Being allergic to gluten I am sure they probably contain that 🙂

9. Be a cave exploreer, NOPE! I have gone into caverns, and that is fine. Going deep into a cave that could have bats,etc. NO THANKS! Once again I will content myself with watching the DVD’s that I have of some beautiful things they have found in caves from the comfort of my couch. No  worries about bats, spiders,darkness and who knows what other strange creatures that may inhabit them. I have seen movies.LOL!

10. And last of all, no desire to go to Spain and participate in the Bull Run…yes, they have a big event where you run from bulls. Being that I do NOT like running and am not fast is just one of the reasons I would not do this. Tho who knows maybe if I had to run from a bull I may be ALOT faster than I ever dreamed possible! 🙂 But that will be OK if I never know that.

Well hope you all liked that and no intention to cause anyone to feel bad if what I listed is actually on their real Bucket list. More power to you! You are more adventuresome! Let me know when you are going to do the Bull Run, I will come along and cheer you on 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday’s 6 word story

Heart hoping..miracle, you out there?

Featured image I chose this picture of the famous Basillica for sometimes it can seem a LONG WALK til we get our miracle! When we were climbing these steps this past Spring, I was getting tired, over 300 steps! But I knew the view would be worth it! Same with waiting for our miracle, the long “walk” will be worth it!

Tuesday’s Thoughts for real this time :)

For those of you who missed my other post earlier this morning, it had a quote, but was just me venting about being up with the birds! I said I would share some real quotes when I am awake. I guess I am awake now, tho blanket and couch look inviting 🙂 The rainy weather doesn’t help wake me up, good thing I have my Christmas lights 🙂

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! The word itself says, I’M POSSIBLE!! Audrey Hepburn

You gotta smile at that, its true 🙂 So tell yourself today that what your thinking is impossible is NOT!

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies!

What wisdom in such a simple saying. Love this! A lot of times we can think change is so bad, at the time it can seem pretty hard. But wouldn’t it be awful if we didn’t have beautiful butterflies in this world! My youngest daughter once had a pet butterfly. She found it on a bush outside our house. It’s wing was hurt and she felt so bad for it. She would hold it and let it rest on her shoulder. She named it and visited it before school every morning. Would change it from bush to bush and would tell me to be sure to check on it while she was at school. It was only around for a few days til it healed and flew away, but it was a special thing to watch.

Change can be hard to watch, scary to  go through, but in the end if the results are a beautiful butterfly….it is worth it my friends!Featured image