What do you think ?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Stranger.” I found this in their list of prompts and it struck a chord. Writing about an encounter that you had with a stranger that has stayed with you. I had an encounter with a stranger when I was in 6th grade…it was short, but has stuck with me. Was it a good or bad one? Tell me what you think

It was the night of my 5th grade band concert. I played the bells. Not the little triangles, but real set of bells that you played like an xylophone. Real big case to carry them in for my small stature. The guys were always at the door to help me, why do you think I played them, LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

The concert had ended and I was on my way to meet my parents. I had to go down a flight of steps and a old man asked if he could help me carry the bells down the stairs. I let him, and as I think back on it now, he really wasn’t that old, but to my 5th grade mind he was. We got down to the lobby where my parents were going to meet me, but they weren’t there yet. We stood by the doors leading to the parking lot and the darkness of the night. The man still stood by me and its the next question that at that time my 5th grade mind just thought crazy, nowย  haunts me to this day; “Would you like me to carry them to your car for you?”

Carry them to my car?? When the night is dark and I had no clue where my car was, and I knew he didn’t! I politely told him No Thanks and that my parents would be here soon. He left and my parents did show up soon. I kept to myself about the man, I forgot about it, but every now and then over the years it keeps coming back to me.ย  As I have grownย  older and realized more about the unfortunate evil that is out there, my mind has wandered.ย  Was he just trying to be a nice man, or was there something sinister in his question and was my guardian angel at work? What do you think ?ย  I will never know, but I do thank my guardian angel for the role they may have played!

10 thoughts on “What do you think ?

  1. Hopefully he was just a kind man that wanted to help. When you told him “No.” He quietly left and went home. Even though you will never know for sure, maybe you can just think of him as being kind. I would hate to think there are none of them left.


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