The Impulsive story :)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Call Me Ishmael.” This was a old prompt that I thought I would have fun with. Will see what happens šŸ™‚ It says to take the first sentence of a book you are reading and use it for your first sentence. The book I used is Jane Eyre. Hope you like it. I want to get in the discipline of writing every day so am starting my New Year’s resolution off a little early šŸ™‚

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. The rain had been steadily coming down all morning and showed no signs of stopping. Her 3 year old sadly looked out the window and walked away pouting. Belinda’s mind raced with thoughts of what to do to help make that sweet, charming smile come back to her little boy’s face. The smile that lit up his eyes; lighting up her world.
A treasure hunt, that was it! She dug out her bag of goodies from her secret place and chose a little surprise. The Dollar Store came in so handy for little surprises for her munchkin. She hid it and went to inform him that he had a treasure hunt to go on. At first he looked skeptical, but when she gave him his King’s attire to wear, (his dinosaur robe) featuring the slayed dragons he bravely had attacked, his smile came out bright! He grabbed his saber,( it’s ok, its plastic)Ā  to protect him against pirates that might be searching for the treasure too.

First clue : He was told that its VERY COLD!! Ahh, was that a piece of paper inside the freezer? Yes, it was and ” Help! For now it was getting very hot!”

Ran to the stove and colorful paper awaited him pleading with him to save him from the big dinosaur! Off he raced to his toy chest to find his T Rex, and YES the paper was in his mouth!

“OH NO, I don’t want to take a bath!” He looked at his mom with a sheepish grin and ran to the bathtub, spying a note right under his rubber ducky. “It’s time for something sweet!” He jumped up and down,Ā  for sweets he loved and off to the cookie jar he went.

OH NO, the cookie jar felt empty but he heard something bouncing around inside. He opened the lid and saw a wrapped gift. “OH MOMMY!! I FOUND IT!!” Belinda’s heart danced as she saw her boy’s smile that stretched wide. He hadn’t even opened it yet and was already delighted. Opening it up he pulled out a little Bob the Builder figure. “YAY” he shouted and gave Belinda a big hug as he raced off to get his building blocks, he needed to get to work building aĀ  house.

Belinda watched him run off and looked out the window at the rain still coming down in sheets. That’s OK it might be a gloomy day outside, but the sun was shining in her heart!

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