This is a piece that came to my heart again while looking at our Christmas tree lights and our Sheltie Lassie underneath them. It was  originally written by my sister, but I have decided to write what I remember from memory and perhaps add a few lines to it 🙂 So sit back and enjoy a Thanksgiving memory from a few years back. Why Thanksgiving when its the Christmas season now? You will see why in the end 🙂

500 miles away you were in Indiana with Brad’s family and we were all gathering at Mom’s for Thanksgiving. You were texting me that day at different times, here is the true meaning behind some of them texts.

“So have you all eaten yet? The food will soon be ready here, and I am ready for it!”

“No, haven’t sat down yet to eat, still waiting.”

Why we hadn’t sat down is due to the fact that when the Kings arrived, Lassie came to the door to greet them. Sharon had her arms full and accidentally stepped on Lassie’s tail. Lassie spooked and shot out the open door running full force. Sharon put down her things and went running full speed behind her down the road.

Sharon ran as far as she could, but had to turn back when her breathing started getting to her, due to the cold and her activity induced asthma. She had followed Lassie a few miles from Mom and Dad’s. Saw Lassie get hit by a car, the bumper touched her hip and Lassie shot off into the woods off the road. The driver felt awful, she loves dogs! It was not her fault tho and Sharon was quick to tell her that, she took down Mom and Dad’s address and phone number and asked Sharon to keep in touch letting he know about Lassie. Sharon dejectedly went back to the house with her heart sinking.

In the meantime, Brandon had pulled in the drive. when he heard what had happened he took off running with his Siberian Husky.

When everyone gathered back, we sat down and worried. No one had a appetite, as we watched the food get cold.

“The food was delicious, getting ready to play some games now, how are you all?”

” We are just sitting around taking a breather.”

We made up cards with Mom and Dad’s phone number on it and went out to the neighborhood door to door telling people about Lassie.

It was getting colder out and starting to rain, with darkness soon coming it made us more anxious to find her. Dad went out around the spot where Sharon had followed Lassie, he was calling and calling out to her. Praying at the same time with a heart that knew God cared about Lassie too. He spied her nestled down in the deep grass shaking. She was still a distance from him and very close to a fence that she could easily jump. which led to the highway. Dad did not want to spook her, he knew she was probably very scared and possibly really hurt from the car. He slowly walked and kept calling her name. To Dad’s joy she finally rised and started coming towards him. His heart was full with emotion as he finally could touch her and hold her close.

When he came home with her there was much rejoicing and tears of relief. We called the driver who had checked in before,  anxious to know if Lassie has yet been found. She was such a  caring person.

“So are you all having fun? Sitting around and relaxing?”

“We are playing cards now, Mom needed to unwind.”

” Oh playing cards is always fun with everyone, Lassie doing Ok?”

Right now she is gobbling down food!”

“Ha! She can eat a lot! Well enjoy the rest of the evening. Happy Thanksgiving! love ya!”

“Same to you!”

And that my friends is what Christmas is all about! This was a lot shorter from my sister’s original copy. What happened is when we came to get Lassie, my sister was at my parents house. She called me into the living room and gave me a printed out copy to read. I was so shocked as I read and my eyes filled with tears and my heart with love! Meanwhile the girls were with Lassie, not knowing what was transpiring. My youngest who was 8 at the time was opening the back door to let Lassie out. My Dad said, NO, she needs her leash. Lassie belonged to my daughter, she had always wanted a collie. We compromised with a Sheltie for they were smaller. She looked up at my Dad and said, “Lassie is a good dog, she never runs away!” My Dad advised that she still wore the leash and she did 🙂 Also as Tierra was rubbing Lassie down, she found little bumps on her and some red scratches and asked what they were from. I now forget what my Dad said, but she was satisfied with the answer. We didn’t want to tell the girls yet about what had happened, for we feared that they would never want us to leave Lassie again. Lassie was so lucky to just make it out with a few scratches and bites. Her hip was fine, but she did develop arthritis from being hit. In the winter it acts up, reminding us of how God was looking after her that day.

Yes, I know this was over Thanksgiving, but to me it stood out for the true Christmas meaning. It was about family pulling together! Family loving each other so much that they would do whatever they could to help the ones in need. Amidst the presents that were shared at Christmas time, this was the best one of all. For this was a present from the heart, a present that couldn’t be wrapped or bought. One of true love. and  My family and I will be forever grateful for what they did that day to find our beloved dog.

Merry Christmas everyone!   Remember the best presents are the ones that can’t be bought, and yup I have the best family 🙂

04ALassie as a puppy when my daughter first got her. She was bigger, when this story took place!

The true meaning….

8 thoughts on “The true meaning….

  1. This is truly a Christmas miracle even though it happened at Thanksgiving. First, the fact that Lassie was hurt more or God forbid, killed when hit by a car is a miracle. Shelties are beautiful and they do look like minature Collies. I am so glad this had a happy ending.

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