Do You Hear what I Hear?

What are the sounds of the Christmas season that you like? Christmas music is one of my favorites! I love the spiritual songs,  O Holy Night,  Silent Night, Mary, Did You Know and Angels We Have Heard on High are some of my favorites. The secular  songs like: Holly Jolly Christmas, Silver Bells, Where are you Christmas, The Christmas Shoes song and who can’t like Rudolph and Frosty all make me feel happy inside.  The Funny ones…Yes, I do want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 🙂 Santa being stuck in a chimney would be quite a sight to  see and how many of you parents have played the song.. “I’m getting Nuthing for Christmas” for your precious children? They remind you to not take time to be light hearted.

I enjoy the sound of stillness…of peace…as I stare at the Christmas lights in my dark room…or as I watch the beauty of the first falling snow. The peace as I watched my precious angels sleeping. Remembering how hard it was for them to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, but at last sleep would overtake them.

The sound of laughter when family and friends gather. I really don’t know if there is a better sound! It’s so good for the heart.

And last of all the sound of the song that inspired this, “Do you Hear what I Hear”.  Very pleasant sound, especially  when you realize that  you fortunately missed out on hearing the sound of police sirens; as you were greatly enjoying that  song  in your car. You are very glad you heard the sound of the little voice inside you saying, “Look at your speed”,

In closing, that last paragraph  may not have been specifically talking about yours truly. That is for you to decide 🙂

Blessings as you enjoy the sounds of the season!

7 thoughts on “Do You Hear what I Hear?

    • We sang the Little Drummer Boy in our Christmas show with my class of 2 year olds, they had little drums to play at the Rumpumpbum part 🙂 I love that song too and it does have spiritual meaning to it. He is at the manger playing for baby Jesus 🙂 My husband is a drummer so I have liked it due to that too 🙂

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  1. I love all the sounds of Christmas – maybe especially the silence when looking at my Christmas tree, lights and all, or at the snow falling late at night, although I really do not like snow much. 🙂

    Thank you for this post. It’s nice to be reminded of these things as the craziness of the season gets the best of me.

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