Wrting a letter with objects

Today’s suggestion is to write a letter to someone dear to you, letting them know how special they are. But using 5-10 objects to describe your emotions instead of words.

I am thankful for the warm feel of the prayer shawl around me, reminding me of your many dedicated prayers for me. As I write in my journals that you have given me over the years, I am reminded of your encouragement to me in my writing, The beauty of the hummingbirds and chickadees remind me of your love of nature that you have passed down.

The taste of chicken curry delights my taste buds and my soul, as I think of the many meals you have made with love for our family and the recipes you pass down. The Shrewsberry cookies remind me of Grandma and how you faithfully made her recipe each year, bringing her love into our hearts.

I always loved the sound of you playing the piano, it brought a warm peace into the house. I watched as you lovingly took care of our dogs, giving me a love for animals, which has passed down to my children. The gentle way you handled the Christmas ornaments year after year, the ones we made as kids never became old to you. The presents you gave were always nice, but most importantly was the love they were wrapped with and how that love continues to wrap around me like a warm blanket. Thank you Mom, I LOVE YOU!

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