Tuesday’s Thoughts for real this time :)

For those of you who missed my other post earlier this morning, it had a quote, but was just me venting about being up with the birds! I said I would share some real quotes when I am awake. I guess I am awake now, tho blanket and couch look inviting πŸ™‚ The rainy weather doesn’t help wake me up, good thing I have my Christmas lights πŸ™‚

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE! The word itself says, I’M POSSIBLE!! Audrey Hepburn

You gotta smile at that, its true πŸ™‚ So tell yourself today that what your thinking is impossible is NOT!

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies!

What wisdom in such a simple saying. Love this! A lot of times we can think change is so bad, at the time it can seem pretty hard. But wouldn’t it be awful if we didn’t have beautiful butterflies in this world! My youngest daughter once had a pet butterfly. She found it on a bush outside our house. It’s wing was hurt and she felt so bad for it. She would hold it and let it rest on her shoulder. She named it and visited it before school every morning. Would change it from bush to bush and would tell me to be sure to check on it while she was at school. It was only around for a few days til it healed and flew away, but it was a special thing to watch.

Change can be hard to watch, scary toΒ  go through, but in the end if the results are a beautiful butterfly….it is worth it my friends!Featured image

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