Twas the Night before….

NO, this isn’t the night before Christmas!! It is supposed to get below freezing tonight tho, so it would be cold enough for Santa’s reindeers and snow to fly tonight. But I am thinking of another time. A event that took place 13 years ago tomorrow. Yes, I will soon have another teenager in the house!! My other teen daughter put her arm around me tonight and patted my shoulder as she said, “Prepare for more gray hair Mom!”  What a comforting thought!

As I let my mind go back to that time of expectation 13 years ago, I smile. A time filled with hopes and dreams and excitement; and as tomorrow comes my hopes, my dreams and my excitement continue.  My daughter is one of a kind, has always walked to the beat of her own drum and I am excited to see where life takes her. She was a month early and she has kept up that pace. She excels academically, in sports and other ways. Her wisdom excels beyond her years too! Yes, she is a typical teen and can definitely cause stressful moments, but I am so proud to be her Mom, and ready to celebrate this milestone with her. Times haven’t always been easy for her, but tomorrow is a time to celebrate her and how far she has come! I still find it amazing how with only  a few words our kids  can  melt our hearts! The words she told me at bedtime one night still echo in my mind…”I love you to the solar system and back!” Same to you my dear, same to you!!

Tuesday’s Quotes

She stood in the storm and when the wind didn’t blow her way, she adjusted the sails.

Elizabeth Edwards

My heart is heavy tonight for a dear friend who is struggling so much with serious medical problems, blood clots on her lungs, double pneumonia and the list goes on. She is a fighter tho, so strong! Went to see her tonight and It just makes you speechless how one person can handle so much! Not that she isn’t scared and she is definitely stressed, but she still could joke and smile. I came home telling my family I don’t want to hear them complaining about anything! They were with me, so they understood. OH the little things we can complain about! “Hurry up microwave, I don’t have time to wait 1 minute for you to heat up my drink!”, ” Oh why does this red light have to be so long!” and the list goes on and on. When face to face with what we saw tonight, we realize how insignificant those things are and even the bigger worries. They don’t compare to someone fighting for their life. My parents used to listen to a country song and I can’t remember the name of the song , but I remember the chorus.

“If you can see and if you can talk, if you can hear and if you can walk, than be thankful, be thankful for what you got…cause to some folks these things sure mean alot!”

Be thankful my friends! Count your blessings before you go to bed. No matter the storms you are facing,I am sure you can think of some blessings. Adjust those sails and give thanks!

And to end with a smile, here is another quote that I am sure my friend and many can identify with 🙂

Dear Stress,

Let’s Break UP!!

Blessings friends!

Who wants to go shopping?? (The new car conclusion)

On our way back from another Dr. visit with my daughter, we stopped at the car place today to collect our big winnings 🙂 We had fun on the way there dreaming about what we would do if we won one of the BIG prizes. It was more fun thinking about that, instead of dwelling on more tests to come before we could get to the bottom of my daughter’s problems. We came to the car dealership and I sent my husband in with the flyer and lots of good wishes! He returned quickly and got in the car handing me a Walmart gift card with a smile 🙂 I knew I should have given him my lucky charm to take in, LOL! So it was just a $5 gift card, but hey that is $5 we didn’t have before, and the dreaming part on the way there was a fun way to pass the time. So once again even tho I still may not have the car of my dreams; or a big cash prize, I had a fun moment with my husband and daughter.

Who knows someday our dreams may come true! We have dreams that go beyond new cars or large amounts of cash! Some  days it may seem like they are so out of reach, but we keep dreaming! We keep hoping! Don’t let your dreams die my friends, for you really don’t know what may be just around the corner.

May your dreams come true!!!


Another new car???

Am laughing….just had to post this!  If you read my other posts about a new car, you will like this. To those who haven’t I will give you a little background. I have been jinxed with gray vehicles all my life so far. So when we got one of those flyers with the special key that is mailed out to millions of people I thought now is my chance. Well it wasn’t! But guess what came in the mail today? LOL! YUP, not a key this time but a scratch off thing to see if your number matches and hey mine does 🙂 So yes, brace yourselves again,  I could be the proud owner of my choice of 4 different vehicles pictured and none of them are gray! Or in the small print I could win $25,000 cash . Hey that would be fine, no complaints. I could buy my own car, 🙂 and last of all the choices, a Walmart gift card. Christmas is coming, so that would come in handy too. Tho I am guessing that the money value would be a tad less than $25,000 in cash.  What do you think?

So stay tuned if you are dying to know what we won 🙂

Now my family would appreciate me paying attention to more pertinent matters like getting supper 🙂

Have a RELAXING FRIDAY everyone!!!

Dear Bed….

We were challenged to write a letter to something that for one day can understand every word we say,( baby,a pet, object)

Dear Bed,

I really treasure you! You are always there waiting for me, inviting me with your warm covers and soft pillows. You don’t care how late I come, you are still just as welcoming. When morning comes, you still let me stay with you. I am a welcome guest that is never told to leave. At least not by you! In a way tho, that is not a good thing! As the days get colder and I wake up in your cozy blankets; I don’t want to leave and its hard! Maybe you should have  a springboard that just bounces me out when my alarm goes off. And SSH…..between you and me, you are much more liked by me than the alarm clock is! I do not consider them my friend.

Anyway just wanted to say Thanks. I know that I am blessed to have you. Not everyone is so lucky to have something so comfortable to rest their weary body on. Thanks for the many nights of  peaceful slumber you have given me, and as my head is starts to nod, I  I will make my way back to you again.


Your grateful friend!

The Merry Go Round

I am on the Merry Go Round of life again. I thought of trying to hop off, but if you remember Merry Go Round’s, you can hurt yourself doing that. So I sit back and hang on! Not knowing for sure where this ride is gonna take us, but trusting that the ONE who knows has got this, and that “It will be Ok”.

My younger daughter always used to tell us that when she was a toddler. If she would see you sad, she would come over and say, “It will be Ok!” as she gave you a hug. She still has a sensitive heart today!

So that is the phrase that goes through my mind right now as I wait….wait on medical tests….wait on Dr.s…and wait to find out the answers. I only wish that as I waited that I would have a $1.00 for every time a Dr has raised his eyebrows at me and made 1 of 3 statements. “That is really weird”, “I doubt that, for that is extremely rare”, “This is strange.” OH YES! If I had one dollar for every time that comment was made about my medical issues or my daughter’s, I would be blogging from a tropical island right now!  Actually I could probably own beach front property on the island of my choice; which island should I choose? 🙂

So after a day of tests and being in the ER with my daughter, I came home and was told to rest by my friends and family. I rested by enjoying posts from the different blogs I read. They brought a smile to my face and I thank you! Keep writing my dear bloggers, simple words can bring sunshine to the soul.:)

Have a HAPPY Thursday!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

My mind is on friendship today and how thankful I am for my friends!! I have the BESTEST ONES! 🙂 so this is for you my dear friends! And I am thankful for the new friends I have made on this blog! That’s one great thing, we never get too old to keep making friends!

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you, when you forget the words!

Donna Roberts

I LOVE this quote! Just found it….and its so true! I am so thankful for my precious friends who have helped remind me of the song in my heart when I needed it!

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg, even when you are half cracked! 🙂

Had to add some humor 🙂 and this is true too, as my friends can attest to !

Have a great Tuesday everyone!