PS…to my Count your Blessings!

I got myself a laugh tonight. Had to make a quick trip to the mall, even tho I didn’t feel like it, had to many other things I had to do before we leave for my wonderful in-laws tomorrow! On my way back out of the mall, a couple started walking with me as we headed to the parking lot. The husband started lagging behind and the comment the wife made cracked me up. Now you will only get the real humor in this if you read my previous post, Count your Blessings. So quick, stop reading now and go read it. LOL!

The wife said, “Speed it up! I am COLD and we have to walk like a mile to the car!”

Do you all see why I was laughing?  I laughed as I  continued walking to my car and smiled  the whole way home 🙂 Its like she took the words right from my post! If I had heard that yesterday it definitely wouldn’t have made me laugh as much. So I am counting that as a small blessing tonight. I love to laugh and on a trip that I didn’t feel like making, unexpected laughter made it worth it! Thank God for laughter! 🙂

One thought on “PS…to my Count your Blessings!

  1. Now how about how all that tied together! What is most interesting is that you were aware and perceptive enough to notice, to enjoy, and to relate it back to that thought. Very introspective! And worth some laughter out of a dreaded task! 🙂


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