Count your many blessings…..

The week of Thanksgiving is here! How does it get earlier each year? I remember when I was little thinking the holidays took FOREVER to get here! Now my mind tries to grasp that the year is almost over, seems like it only began! Today it is a lovely 60 degrees,  feeling like we are going back to spring time. Thankful for the nice weather, for on Wednesday snow is supposed to come! Of course its  the day we are supposed to leave for the state of Indiana. May have to leave tomorrow!

Anyway as I was awake this morning getting my girls off to school, the song Count your many blessings kept running through my head. As one motto that I like says, “Every day may not be a good day, but every day has something good in it!”

With  Thanksgiving drawing  closer, people start to count  their blessings more; but that is something we need to do every day! For there really is something to be thankful for every day. Some days it may be small, you may have to really think…but I am sure you can come up with some. Even if its as small as , “Hey, I made it out of bed this morning without pushing the snooze button 100 times!”  Be glad you have the ability to take your hand and SLAM that snooze button down 🙂 Some people would love to have the use of their hands. No parking spaces close to the store and its frigid weather outside and you had to walk quickly so that you aren’t a ice cube by the time you get inside. Be thankful that you had the ability to walk! I know there are people that would LOVE to walk! They wouldn’t care if it was freezing outside. If one day they could rise up out of that wheelchair and go out the door I guarantee you they wouldn’t be looking at the thermometer. All they would be thinking is how wonderful it feels to be standing on their own outside, embracing the world!

I remember the song Count your many blessings from my childhood. It’s one special memory that has always made the song stand out in my mind. Our church had gathered at the meadow one Sunday afternoon. Beautiful place for the kids to run and enjoy the creek, as the adults sit  around and visit with each other. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent at this meadow, but this time we had a special guest. It was a lady by the name of Carol, can’t remember her last name. She was going to sing to us and that was one of the songs she sang. Why do I remember only that song? Was it that her voice was amazing? NO, don’t get me wrong she was a good singer, but that wasn’t why; It was because she was blind. As a child I remember thinking, “WOW, this lady is blind and she is singing a song about counting her blessings!” If it was me who had been blind, I would have been singing, “Nobody knows the troubles I have…”  I had trouble with my eyes when I was young and had to have eye surgery. The surgery went great, but I remember after that always having a fear of blindness. So to have a blind woman able to count her blessings made a impression on me that I haven’t forgotten.

As we travel to Indiana for Thanksgiving, and spend it with my husband’s family, I won’t be on here much. I wanted to let you know that as I COUNT MY BLESSINGS, this blog and my fellow bloggers, my faithful readers and my family and friends, are a true blessing to me! I  pray that I can bless others through this blog as others posts have blessed me, and bless those I come in contact with personally.  Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!! May your heart be even fuller than your stomach 🙂

6 thoughts on “Count your many blessings…..

  1. Where are you traveling from? (I’m in Illinois and listening to these forecasts make me glad that the only places I will be going are the hospital and the store.

    I try really hard to at least look on the bright side, even if I don’t find something to be thankful for each day. Then again, I guess that might be close to the same thing, right? 🙂


  2. We are traveling from Pennsylvania. It’s about a 9 hour drive, depending how many stops we make. As the girls have grown older, we tend to make it faster 🙂 How much snow are they predicting for you? What part of Illinois are you in?
    Yes that is close to the same thing, you are doing it right 🙂


  3. Oh JR – such a sweet post, and as Thanksgiving grows near, I am getting mushier and mushier, as tears cloud my eyes reading this. The older I get, the more I appreciate every little blessing, every little small thing we have to be thankful for. It makes life so much richer and fuller. And I love your closing statement. PERFECT! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Safe travels.

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  4. Thanks so much for your nice words!! We do get more sentimental with age I think! Sorry I made your eyes cloud, but yet glad that my post touched you like that 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are leaving tomorrow as soon as the girls get out of school so we should beat the storm 🙂


  5. I hope you have a wonderful time in Indiana :). I tried writing down things I am grateful for, got round to doing it only twice. But now it suffices me to take a moment and mentally note them down, even the ability to think is blessing’. Thanks for sharing this Joy.

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