Winter may not officially be here,  according to the calender, but apparently winter doesn’t care about the calender! IT IS COLD!! In spite of the cold tho my precious teens still complain about wearing a coat!! Since when did it become cooler to FREEZE as opposed to wearing a nice, warm coat?? I just shake my head and kick them out the door to school! OOPS, did I say kick, no I nicely give them a hug before I kick them out, to brave the cold air 🙂 I close the door and say BRR as I smile.

Every winter I am reminded of a dear, sweet elderly lady that I took care of when I worked at a retirement home. She loved to talk and always sat in the lobby to greet the people coming in the door. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 🙂 And when those doors would open to let people in during the winter, she would make one loud remark. It’s COLD! and she would spell out BRR! It sounded more emphatic when you spelled it! She was one of those ladies that definitely knew how to complain, but at the same time had  the kind of personality  that just made you laugh and love her. One that could embarrass you like my poor husband found out, she meant no harm; she was just being Izzy. When we were dating I brought him to visit my dear residents. Of course Izzy was the first resident he met, as she was sitting at her normal place in front of the door. I introduced him and she  looked  straight at us and asked, “So do you have anything cooking in the oven yet?: I calmly replied as I stifled laughter that “No, that would be awhile!” 🙂 and with that introduction my hubby to be couldn’t help but fall in love with Izzy too.

When Isabelle passed away there was a emptiness when you came in the door. Her presence was definitely missed! It did almost make you feel BRR when you walked in, missing out on welcoming voice. Even if it was a grumbling, welcoming voice.

So Izzy on this BRR day thanks for the memories and the laughter to warm my heart, thanks for how you spread joy to so many and I believe up in heaven you are still doing that. And hey up there you have no reason to spell out BRR anymore 🙂

6 thoughts on “BRRRRR………..

  1. Seniors can spread such great warmth and humor. They have time and know what is important in life as they have lived it. Thanks for sharing – and I love how she spelled out B – R – R – Super cute!

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    • Thanks for your comments and yes I loved working with seniors! I wouldn’t have stopped, if my body would have cooperated! Just got too hard to be lifting and maneuvering so much weight. As my Dr. gently informed me, You aren’t 20 anymore! LOL!


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