33 years and still going strong!

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SHE CAME 🙂 To those who read my 6 word story on Friday, this is who I meant! Charlene, my friend for the last 33 years! We became friends at the age of 10. So now to all my blogger friends, you know my age and what I look like 🙂

There is something so special about friendship that has survived through such a long span. We went from being friends that exchanged stickers, had slumber parties, went through puberty, cried over guys, stressed over guys, gave up on guys…..Made a bet that the first one to get engaged would treat the other one to a Red Lobster Dinner! I gladly treated her, and it was only a few months down the road til she got engaged. I think she was purposely waiting for me! LOL!

When we were young, we would get home from visiting each other and soon be on the phone to each other. Our parents would just shake their heads, but there was always something to talk about. We shared so much laughter but we were also there for a lot of tears! We were like one of our favorite Country songs, “Like a Tree”  It bends, but never can be broken.

We don’t see each other as often as we would like, but we won’t be broken! Our kids love to hear the stories from our past, the silly things we did when we were young. They also like to think about their best friends that they have had since 3rd grade and hope that it lasts like ours.

I hope so too! I hope my girls can have long lasting and wonderful friendships like I am blessed with! Friendships are such a important part of life.  I love that my girls know my friends and can see the example of true friendship!

So Charlene thanks for your part in showing my girls the beauty of friendship. Thanks for all the laughter and love and I look forward to more zany times. As the girls said, It’s probably good  we don’t live too close, could be dangerous.:)

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