The magical closet

We were challenged to write about something we see every day, that is ordinary, like our closet. But to write it in such a way that really captures our reader’s attention! And to keep it short. So here it is goes 🙂

Light brown doors greet you as you come in the room. Dare you open them, hoping that nothing falls out on you. There is a array of different colors to appeal to your eyes when you open the doors. Above all the hangers is a shelf that holds precious memories, for it has photo albums on it. Albums that can take you back in time. Oh and hold on, see that long black dress hanging down? Push it aside and what do you see? Look way back, do you see it? It’s a little door, you want to open it don’t you? Go ahead! Be Brave!

Oh WOW! Where are you? it’s like you stepped into another world! You turn back but you no longer see the door, you have in fact stepped into another time. What does that sign say straight ahead? Welcome to Narnia!

OOPS, wrong closet! Sorry, there is no secret door in mine, but isn’t that one so much more exciting. Ever since I first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe I have been entranced with Narnia.I  thought how cool that would be to just walk into your closet and step into another world. But alas, I am happy for my closet.It serves its purpose. If I could just nail down the magic part and have some things appear that I wish were there it would be perfect.You know the routine. You open the closet searching for something to wear, and you keep moving the hangers, waiting to find something new. You know nothing new is there, but you keep looking; thinking that maybe something will just magically appear. The way the kids think something new will appear in the fridge, if they hold the door open long enough looking!

Stay tuned for when I find out the magical solution, I will let you know 🙂

4 thoughts on “The magical closet

  1. Haha, I do that a lot! Knowing I didn’t grocery shop but still opening the fridge constantly and checking if something new has been magically dropped inside. I really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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