Twas the Night before….

NO, this isn’t the night before Christmas!! It is supposed to get below freezing tonight tho, so it would be cold enough for Santa’s reindeers and snow to fly tonight. But I am thinking of another time. A event that took place 13 years ago tomorrow. Yes, I will soon have another teenager in the house!! My other teen daughter put her arm around me tonight and patted my shoulder as she said, “Prepare for more gray hair Mom!”  What a comforting thought!

As I let my mind go back to that time of expectation 13 years ago, I smile. A time filled with hopes and dreams and excitement; and as tomorrow comes my hopes, my dreams and my excitement continue.  My daughter is one of a kind, has always walked to the beat of her own drum and I am excited to see where life takes her. She was a month early and she has kept up that pace. She excels academically, in sports and other ways. Her wisdom excels beyond her years too! Yes, she is a typical teen and can definitely cause stressful moments, but I am so proud to be her Mom, and ready to celebrate this milestone with her. Times haven’t always been easy for her, but tomorrow is a time to celebrate her and how far she has come! I still find it amazing how with only  a few words our kids  can  melt our hearts! The words she told me at bedtime one night still echo in my mind…”I love you to the solar system and back!” Same to you my dear, same to you!!

8 thoughts on “Twas the Night before….

  1. I can still remember turning 13 (a gazillion years ago) and what a big deal it was. Enjoy celebrating every moment with your children. Every year is the best year even though there are se tough days. I suspect your kids are feet fortunate to have you for a mom. 💝


  2. Thank you both for your comments!! Yes it is special times, and I just can’t believe how quickly time goes! My husband told her that she really can’t turn 13 til a couple more years! LOL! Cherish each moment for sure, even the tough ones 🙂 Thanks for your sweet words Jodi about my kids feeling fortunate to have me as a Mom, not sure about all the time, but most 🙂 🙂 And birthday wishes to your son, Inspiringmax! 🙂


    • Umm NO, you shouldn’t say that! LOL! My husband said they can’t date til 35! LOL! She has been friends with our neighbor boys since she has been 3, so me and their Mom keep saying that we should just plan on going back to arranged marriages and we will have it all taken care of , Hahah! Thanks for your sweet comments 🙂

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