Tuesday’s Quotes

She stood in the storm and when the wind didn’t blow her way, she adjusted the sails.

Elizabeth Edwards

My heart is heavy tonight for a dear friend who is struggling so much with serious medical problems, blood clots on her lungs, double pneumonia and the list goes on. She is a fighter tho, so strong! Went to see her tonight and It just makes you speechless how one person can handle so much! Not that she isn’t scared and she is definitely stressed, but she still could joke and smile. I came home telling my family I don’t want to hear them complaining about anything! They were with me, so they understood. OH the little things we can complain about! “Hurry up microwave, I don’t have time to wait 1 minute for you to heat up my drink!”, ” Oh why does this red light have to be so long!” and the list goes on and on. When face to face with what we saw tonight, we realize how insignificant those things are and even the bigger worries. They don’t compare to someone fighting for their life. My parents used to listen to a country song and I can’t remember the name of the song , but I remember the chorus.

“If you can see and if you can talk, if you can hear and if you can walk, than be thankful, be thankful for what you got…cause to some folks these things sure mean alot!”

Be thankful my friends! Count your blessings before you go to bed. No matter the storms you are facing,I am sure you can think of some blessings. Adjust those sails and give thanks!

And to end with a smile, here is another quote that I am sure my friend and many can identify with 🙂

Dear Stress,

Let’s Break UP!!

Blessings friends!

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