Who wants to go shopping?? (The new car conclusion)

On our way back from another Dr. visit with my daughter, we stopped at the car place today to collect our big winnings 🙂 We had fun on the way there dreaming about what we would do if we won one of the BIG prizes. It was more fun thinking about that, instead of dwelling on more tests to come before we could get to the bottom of my daughter’s problems. We came to the car dealership and I sent my husband in with the flyer and lots of good wishes! He returned quickly and got in the car handing me a Walmart gift card with a smile 🙂 I knew I should have given him my lucky charm to take in, LOL! So it was just a $5 gift card, but hey that is $5 we didn’t have before, and the dreaming part on the way there was a fun way to pass the time. So once again even tho I still may not have the car of my dreams; or a big cash prize, I had a fun moment with my husband and daughter.

Who knows someday our dreams may come true! We have dreams that go beyond new cars or large amounts of cash! Some  days it may seem like they are so out of reach, but we keep dreaming! We keep hoping! Don’t let your dreams die my friends, for you really don’t know what may be just around the corner.

May your dreams come true!!!



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