Friday’s six word story…..

Some candles can’t be snuffed out!

Do you get the story? No, I am not talking about battery operated candles, LOL! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Friday’s six word story…..

  1. Oh, yeah, I get it. Like 43 years of marriage and still going strong. Like, no matter how much your adult kids disappoint you, you still love them, and you let them know it. Like talking to God every day and knowing He GLADLY hears every word.


  2. I feel a little silly now because everyone’s interpretation was so insightful whereas I was thinking about those trick candles that never go out no matter how much you blow on them >_>…

    Regardless, I liked this story!


    • Thanks for reading and commenting!! Don’t feel silly! There is no “right” interpretation! I remember those candles and hey actually it fits. For like you said, no matter how much you blow on them they don’t go out! No matter how much the tough times come, some people’s flames never go out! They don’t give up! Thanks for the insight 🙂

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