Dear Bed….

We were challenged to write a letter to something that for one day can understand every word we say,( baby,a pet, object)

Dear Bed,

I really treasure you! You are always there waiting for me, inviting me with your warm covers and soft pillows. You don’t care how late I come, you are still just as welcoming. When morning comes, you still let me stay with you. I am a welcome guest that is never told to leave. At least not by you! In a way tho, that is not a good thing! As the days get colder and I wake up in your cozy blankets; I don’t want to leave and its hard! Maybe you should have  a springboard that just bounces me out when my alarm goes off. And SSH…..between you and me, you are much more liked by me than the alarm clock is! I do not consider them my friend.

Anyway just wanted to say Thanks. I know that I am blessed to have you. Not everyone is so lucky to have something so comfortable to rest their weary body on. Thanks for the many nights of  peaceful slumber you have given me, and as my head is starts to nod, I  I will make my way back to you again.


Your grateful friend!

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