The Merry Go Round

I am on the Merry Go Round of life again. I thought of trying to hop off, but if you remember Merry Go Round’s, you can hurt yourself doing that. So I sit back and hang on! Not knowing for sure where this ride is gonna take us, but trusting that the ONE who knows has got this, and that “It will be Ok”.

My younger daughter always used to tell us that when she was a toddler. If she would see you sad, she would come over and say, “It will be Ok!” as she gave you a hug. She still has a sensitive heart today!

So that is the phrase that goes through my mind right now as I wait….wait on medical tests….wait on Dr.s…and wait to find out the answers. I only wish that as I waited that I would have a $1.00 for every time a Dr has raised his eyebrows at me and made 1 of 3 statements. “That is really weird”, “I doubt that, for that is extremely rare”, “This is strange.” OH YES! If I had one dollar for every time that comment was made about my medical issues or my daughter’s, I would be blogging from a tropical island right now!  Actually I could probably own beach front property on the island of my choice; which island should I choose? 🙂

So after a day of tests and being in the ER with my daughter, I came home and was told to rest by my friends and family. I rested by enjoying posts from the different blogs I read. They brought a smile to my face and I thank you! Keep writing my dear bloggers, simple words can bring sunshine to the soul.:)

Have a HAPPY Thursday!

12 thoughts on “The Merry Go Round

  1. Praying tests will all come out fine, or with something that drs. can do something about. Happy suggestion: Listen to some funny kids songs, watch a comedy movie. If you can find it, listen to a comedy routine by Chandra Pierce. She’s clean and she’s hilarious. Grew up as a p.k. Also check out Mark Lowry’s comedy routines. They’re even better than his singing. Hugs.


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