The Search continued…..:)

The voice called out again to her and taking a last glance at the stars, she followed the sound. She was trying not to argue with herself;  as she kept walking forward, through twists and turns. The voice kept reassuring her that she would be fine. She turned another corner and took a step…..WHOA!!!!! Down, down, down she fell! She was frightened as she plunged into darkness falling! What was that noise? Oh, it was her heart pounding out of her chest.

To be continued….:) Sorry I just had to! Thank you for reading! I promise I won’t keep you hanging long!

The Search…part 4-5

Why would someone be watching her? She had to take a step outside to get a breath of fresh air and try to clear her head. The stars were beaming brightly. A wonderful sight to behold, if her mind wasn’t so preoccupied with other matters.

Her mind drifted back to her life before she came to this house….seems like a dream almost, for she has lost track of time. Life was a mixture of confusion, loneliness and pain. She had lost everything! Her family was gone and she felt all alone in the world. The day had started out as an ordinary day. Throwing the alarm clock across the room for shattering her sleep, get up and get dressed, grab a yogurt and a Iced coffee and out the door. Go to work and chat with co-workers, they were friendly, but she never got to know them beyond the walls of work. She secluded herself in the 4 walls of her home. To her that was safe and safe was what she wanted. The unknown was frightening.  It held many dangers. She would come home from work and eat alone while watching a movie; for eating in silence was depressing. That night she decided she would take a stroll tomorrow, maybe break a little out of her comfort zone. She had off work for a week, so she  had to do something.

The next day dawned bright and she felt like something magical was in the air. After sleeping in she decided to take that stroll. Walked a little ways and from a distance spotted the house. Something drew her to go closer, it wasn’t like her to walk up to strange houses and especially to knock on the door! She had no idea what she would say, if someone opened the door. Her hands had begun to sweat with nerves. The door opened and the beautiful women was standing there opening the door wide for her. It was almost like she expected her. Welcome was all she said. Had she been expecting her? Is that why she was being watched so closely? But why, why had that beautiful lady never shown her face again??

Well drowsiness was beginning to overtake her and the air was getting cool, so she stepped back into her room. The covers looked so inviting and  the warmth crept into her skin, as she wrapped herself in them. For the moment she was at peace, and she drifted off to dreamland.

A pleasant aroma greeted her in the morning. She opened her eyes to behold quite a sight! A spread of bacon, eggs, pancakes and blueberry muffins were spread out on the heart shaped table. A lot of questions still raced through her mind from the night before. But one thing was for certain, whoever was watching her sure was being very nice to her! Was it genuine or were they fattening her up like a turkey before Thanksgiving; or a drawing her in like a spider to a fly? She tried to quickly let go of those thoughts so she could enjoy her hearty breakfast.This breakfast should definitely give her the energy to find the door today! It had to be here, right? Maybe she should talk to the gardener again; that is where she would head after breakfast.

Off she went in the direction of the garden, at least if she remembered it right. She came upon the stack of doors in the hallway and knew she must be close to the entrance of the garden, Yup…there it was.

OH she could smell the sweet scent of the hyacinths and roses. The beauty was so awesome! All around her were flowers, as far as the eye could see. The gardener wasn’t in sight, to her disappointment. She wandered around a little til she saw a unique bench to sit on, it was shaped like a great book. Loving books, she thought it was great, and had a seat. It was by a fountain and she loved the sound of running water, soothing to the soul.  She would sit here for awhile and see if the gardener came back.

From afar she saw the gardener talking to someone. She could only see the back of the woman. Seeing the figure tho, made her pretty confident of who it was. There weren’t too many people that had a slim figure like the lady of the house. She guessed that she was size 2. Apparently she must not have eaten too many of the melt in your mouth chocolate brownies. Oh well…pant size, dress size, they are just a number. Her motto was, “Life is to short, eat dessert first!”

Intently she watched them, as they talked, oh how she wished she knew what they were saying. The mysterious lady turned around and she saw her beautiful face again! Her smile was big and bright and looked right at her, like she wasn’t surprised at all to see her sitting on the bench. She just stared at her for a bit, its like she was mesmerized by a almost haunting smile.  But wait, what was that? She had something in her hand. It was a platter of some kind of food, and she was eating it. The wind changed direction and the scent of chocolate drifted her way. So the mysterious lady did eat chocolate brownies and still managed to keep her size 2 figure. Oh she hoped she would bring them over to her!

No such luck, she turned away and headed back inside. There was a mixture of disappointment and relief. She wanted to speak to her, but wasn’t sure what to say to her, and didn’t know whether to be afraid of her or not.  It looked like the gardener had disappeared again to. Well at least she had got a nice stroll and refreshing time by the fountain. Time to get back to her search.

What hallway had she not gone down and what door had she not opened?  Hmmm….this door looked interesting. It had the Where is Waldo scene painted on it. She remembered those books. You searched and searched for the elusive Waldo amidst everything else in the pictures. Slowly she opened up the door and walked in.

OH MY WORD!! What did she walk into? It was like a giant labyrinth. The door slammed shut behind her making her jump. She was bound to get lost in here, changing her mind she turned around to leave, but OUT went the light! It was pitch dark! She felt for the door but only felt the wall. It had to be here! The door couldn’t have disappeared! A sinking feeling rose in her chest….

What should she do now? She timidly took a step forward, the floor was really soft. It was spongy, felt kind of cool…but at same time wondered what she was walking on. There were some faint stars that she saw,, figured they  must be from a window and she would follow in that direction.

What was that? She heard a voice that totally made her jump out of her skin! It had a seducing, hypnotic tone to it. What really got her is the tone,she recognized it. Could it be? Yes, it was! It was the voice of the mysterious lady! It was telling her to keep walking, to not fear. It said to follow the sound of her voice. The voice echoed like it was coming from a deep hole…She walked towards it, toward the voice and the stars. OH NO! Now what? The voice sounded again, but it was coming from a different direction… the stars beckoned the other direction. What should she follow? The beautiful lady wouldn’t lead her astray, would she??

Ok my faithful readers, what do you say? What should she follow? 🙂 Anxious to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!

The Bend in the Road….

A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn! Helen Keller

A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until its in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Fredrick Neitzche ,(no, not Kelly Clarkson::)) Tho I do like her song!

So this Tuesday I decided to post 3 quotes instead of only one, writers can do what they want, right? 🙂  WE all have trouble come into our lives. If you haven’t yet, WATCH OUT! It’s inevitable that you will meet that bend in the road. Life will be going smoothly and all of a sudden there is a turn, that you didn’t see coming. What will you do? As Helen Keller states, “It’s not the end!”  It’s true how you really don’t know how strong you are til you get in that hot water. That is the test!

Know that falling down and weeping on the road for awhile, does not mean you aren’t strong. It means you are human! Tears are healing and are needed in times of great stress. You can cry, scream, yell, let your emotions out; don’t hold them in! None of these emotions are signs of weakness, the weakness part is if you don’t get up and continue on the road. Even as you continue on, you may still fall…the load may get too heavy. The key is not giving up! Step by step you will make it! Sometimes you will feel good enough to take a giant step and other times only  baby ones. You probably will even step backwards at times, but the important part is that you are striving to move forward, not just to stay where you are at.

Several times my friends and I have commented that we would prefer different scripts. That this wasn’t in our life plans.  The problem is that having a different script is not an option.  So we link arms with each other, with family and most importantly with God and we get through the bends in the road!

On a side note, about the last quote, you will become stronger. You will find a strength you didn’t know you had. No, I am not talking physical strength. If that was true, this other quote would be true! “I could bench-press a Buick!” I can’t even lift my husband’s weight bar! Well unless there is no weights on it 🙂 You will find something far greater in you than physical strength. Inner strength! A wonderful quality to possess, but the only way to really build on it, is through the bends in the road!

The Search…part 3

If you missed part 1 and 2 they are on my site. Thank you for reading and for your input…looking forward to hearing from you again. ‘

The Search

Clickety-Clack, Clickety-Clack…where was that sound coming from? Was that mysterious lady coming her way? Hard to tell, for this passageway was like a serpentine. There were so many twists and turns. She was wondering if she would ever find her way back to the serenity of the purple room. There were many rooms along this passageway, that she felt like investigating, but felt a pull to keep on going.

Whoa! What was that? The brightness of the room called to her. She walked in and her eyes were wide with the vibrancy of the room. The walls were covered in orange paint. There was a coal black brass bed with a velvet orange comforter on it. One touch of the comforter and you wanted to snuggle under it, letting the soft and fuzzy texture swallow you up. She resisted the urge to give in; for unlike the purple room it didn’t have the inviting allure to it.

Her stomach started rumbling and she realized how long it had gone since she had eaten. The smell of chocolate wafted through the hallway and her tongue could almost taste the sweetness. She followed the smell to see where it would lead. Happiness filled her when the pleasant smell led her to the purple room. This time there was a heart shaped table in the middle of the room. It had an assortment of cheeses, meats, crackers and fruit  on it. Plus for her sweet tooth, there were heart shaped brownies. Now she knew why she had smelled chocolate.  Everything was so good and she ate til her stomach was content.

As she took her last bite the thought hit her. Who had prepared the food? How did they know she would come back to the purple room for it? The food was fresh, the heat still radiated from the brownies, making them melt in her mouth. Was someone watching her every step? The momentary pleasure of her full stomach soon turned to discontent and nervousness as questions circled in her head. Was the mysterious lady watching?

OUCH! She sliced her finger on something sharp on the lamp, as she went to turn it off. It was bleeding good, she ran out of the room to find the bathroom. The cool  water felt good, as it washed off the blood and soothed her finger. She held a paper towel on it with pressure to stop the bleeding, as she headed back to her room. She was thinking that it would be a good night to go out on the balcony and gaze at the stars. Try to clear the troubled thoughts in her brain.

Entering her room her gaze fell on the end table with the lamp. What she saw made a chill come over her. There were band-aids and a bandage laying there. The truth haunted her!  Someone was watching! But who was it and why? Once again she wondered what kind of house had she walked into.

Thanks again for reading and would love to hear your feedback. I don’t know where this will lead, but definitely have more to add. I think I will wait tho before I post more, make it longer. This is the first time I have written something so long and have been excited about how its turning out. Hope you have enjoyed it !

The Search….part 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write more about this or not, but felt inspired to the other day so here it is. Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks!

OH it felt like she had been sleeping on a cloud. All her tension from running around to find the door just melted away. What was it about this room that was so refreshing?  As the sun poured brightly through the window, onto her bed, she could feel her eyes close into a peaceful slumber.

Was that footsteps she heard? They sounded like they were fading away, Clickety- clack on the ceramic tiled floor. She jumped up and opened the door, but the hallway was clear. The walls were silent, not speaking about who walked past them. Re-entering the room she spied something on the cherry wood end table. There was a large  pitcher of water, that she was sure hadn’t been there, when she first entered the room. She noticed  the intricate painting on it. A beautiful house adorned with bright colors and a flower garden beside it. As she gazed upon it, there was something different about the house. All at once she felt a flutter in her chest, as the truth dawned on her; the house had no door!

Sinking back into the pillowy soft bed her mind raced, was that painting of this house? The colors were different but the one missing feature stood out! For she still had not found the door of this house.

Raising up a boost of energy hit her…a new determination to go forth and search for the door. Perhaps in her search she would  find the elusive lady that had greeted her, when she entered the house; but since than, has disappeared! The lady had a charming countenance and eyes of tenderness. She hadn’t seen the lady for long, but her deep brown eyes looked like they had seen much pain, but there was a joy that resonated there too.  She had guessed that this lady turned many a man’s eyes to her, as she looked  stunning in her fashionable gown, with just enough sequins; they looked stylish and not gaudy. She was tall and slim and walked with purpose.

Reaching the end of the long hallway she paused, trying to decide which direction to turn. Should she flip a coin? The left looked really dark and spooky, so she chose to stay safe and turn to the right. The sun was striking the stained glass windows just right and made them look stunning! Taking in their beauty she studied each one. There were pictures of gardens, mountains, the woods and the sea. All striking in their beauty. She could feel her heart smiling. As she got to the corner it turned sharply into a tiny passage way. You couldn’t be very tall or you would hit your head on the ceiling. A good thing that she was so small. The walls were covered in murals. All kinds of houses. Mansions, ranchers, cottages…all sizes and styles. They all looked warm and inviting with their bright colors. She wondered….should she dare to check? Part of her was afraid to, but her curiosity won out. One by one she looked at each painting very closely, trying not to miss a single detail. Her heart started thumping for she kept drawing the same conclusion with each house. Each one had no door. Was this only a strange coincidence? Were all these pictures trying to say something, tho they couldn’t speak? Goosebumps broke out all over her body. Was her search futile? Was she hunting a jackalope? That fictitious animal that her brother-in-law had her believing in when she was small. There really was no such thing. Did that hold true for the door?

Wisdom from Pooh Bear

Happy Tuesday! These will be days for me to share quotes that I have come to love.  Hope that you will enjoy them! Maybe some quotes  will be just what you needed to hear. . Either to make you think or just to laugh, for laughter is important!

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  Christopher Robin

I have always loved Winnie-The-Pooh! I remember the days of listening to my records and following along with the storybooks, that came with the records. You would hear that little Ding and know its time to turn the page 🙂 The fun times of transporting myself back to the Hundred Acre Woods. Who couldn’t help but fall in love with the cheerful, always getting into trouble, Winnie-the-Pooh bear? He has survived for many generations, bringing joy to many, along with all his friends!

So as you go about your day remember how brave, strong and smart you are, to face  whatever may come your way! You may have to put up your umbrella today, and Eeyore may be telling you what a gloomy day it’s going to be. But listen; Pooh is calling you over for honey; honey will  make everything better! Plus it will take care of the rumbly in your tumbly! “It’s time for something sweet.” May you have sweetness in your day!

Treasures of my heart, Daily Challenge #20

For this last post of our class we are supposed to write about something we treasure! As others have said, I have really appreciated this class! It has brought back to me how much I treasure writing! I look forward to continuing to interact with the other writers here who have inspired me and to continue writing faithfully and hopefully grow in my writing!

I have picked 3 things that I treasure, each from someone who I treasure dearly! I will start with my husband! There are many wonderful gifts he has given me over the years, ones that have warmed my heart and brought me many smiles! From his very first gift, a vase of roses, to a precious Mother’s ring.  But there is something I treasure even more, and it was given to me when we were dating. Right now they are kept securely in my cedar chest, which is another thoughtful gift from him. At times I still open up my chest and take them out and read through them as memories come flooding back. Yes, it is his love letters and cards over our several months dating period. There are ones that make me laugh, like the one that said, “If I had to choose between you and a million dollars I would choose you….but I would remind you every day for the rest of your life how I gave up the chance to be rich to have you!” He never had to make that choice 🙂 but I do remind him quite often how we are RICH in love, which is the best kind of richness to have! Oh, there were ones that would bring a tear, for they spoke of how much he missed me, being that we were 500 miles apart!  “I can’t wait to be with you again….I long to taste your sweet kisses, feel your heart beat next to mine and whisper secret midnight promises in your ear. I want to laugh with you, and just hold you tight in the warmth of shared silence. I miss you more than you could possibly imagine and I want you to know you’re on my mind and in my dreams…always! This is the card I found on my pillow after yet another tearful goodbye as he pulled his truck out of the driveway. The funny ones and the sad ones all have one similar theme; his great love for me! It comes powerfully through his written words and beautifully chosen cards. I haven’t counted recently, but trust me there are A LOT! They will always be precious to me! I need to add this little note since I am talking about cards. On our wedding night we presented each other with cards, for they had been a big part of our dating life. As he opened mine he started laughing. I was taken aback, for it was not a funny card. He told me to open his and as I did I saw what the laughter was about. Yes, out of the millions of Wedding cards out there, him being in Indiana and me in Pennsylvania, we still managed to pick out the same exact wedding card for each other! 🙂


Another gift sits on my dresser and it’s from my oldest daughter. It is a silver elephant with beautiful designs on it. It’s not the beauty that makes it special, but it is truly the thought. Our children go through different stages in gift giving. You have the handmade cards and gifts that are so precious, then the gifts that they go shopping with Dad for and Dad guides them greatly in what to choose. After that comes the stage of knowing you and picking out something that says they know you. I have 5 other elephants that I bought myself over the years. My daughter took note of that and that’s why this elephant stood out to her. I cherished that thoughtfulness, and I gaze at that elephant with love.


My youngest daughter loved gems, crystals and rocks when she was younger. She has a collection. One day we went to a cavern and we were at the gift shop afterwards, and the girls had money to spend on some treasures. We were all ready to leave, but my youngest was taking forever in deciding what gem she wanted. I told her she had to hurry because we couldn’t wait all day. She had 2 gems in her hand and asked which one I liked better. They were both pretty, but I love hearts and so I chose the heart shaped purple one. When we got in the van, she handed me the shiny, smooth heart shaped gem and said,”This is for you, Mommy.” My heart melted! All the time she took to choose a gem was to figure out what I would like best. She could have gotten a treasure for herself, but she chose to give it to me! So yes, that little heart shaped gem lays on my dresser too and is a reminder of how she touched my heart. A gift for no special occasion, but just to say, “I Love You!”


As I re-read this again, another thing came to my mind. It had come before, but I wasn’t sure about posting it. Now I feel I have to, for it is a very special treasure. What I am talking about isn’t from anyone, its from me. Yes, I guess that sounds funny, but let me explain. I started journaling when I was very young. I am now 43 and I still journal. My collection is big and it is one of the most valuable things I own! For tucked inside these journals are precious memories! The ups and downs of a teen’s life, the things that we thought were so dramatic, now make me laugh as I read. My dating years, the year I spent away from home in Voluntary Service, when I met Mr.Right, the beginning of being a new bride, etc. So many things that when I read them makes my heart smile and yes at times makes my heart cry, but that’s ok! For no the journals are not just about the good times. They have me crying out in anger and in fear in them. They describe the pain of my heart due to trying  circumstances and I am glad they are there  For  I can go back and see how I grew through the pain.

My girls love when I read things out of my journals about them when they were little. They enjoyed hearing my excitement when I was pregnant with them and  when they were born, the funny things they did and said when they were little; and the list goes on. Yes, nothing could replace my journals, they are stories from the heart, and this story wouldn’t be complete without them.

Heart of emotion

My heart has been moved. I am a big lover of movies, some movies are just fun to watch and some move the soul. This one moved my soul. It was Schlinder’s list. Yes, I know, it has been out for a very long time!! My husband and I talked about watching it a lot, but just never had until tonight. How can you not be moved by that movie? For me the end was the most moving. When Schlinder was bidding the Jews he saved Farewell and they were thanking him. I couldn’t imagine how they all must have felt. They knowing they would have died if it wouldn’t have been for him and he feeling so much emotion. Its when he broke down sobbing that my eyes got wet and so did my hubby’s! When he said how If only he could have saved more, if only he could have done more, how he wishes he would have done more! He saved so many but yet his heart felt sick for all the ones he hadn’t saved!

What am I doing to make a difference? When I get to the end of my life I don’t want to be thinking how If only I had done more! What are you doing?

The Search Daily Challenge #18 -Freestyle, 400 words, start typing and see what comes, dont’ edit!

The house was inviting and big. So many different passages. One room was a nice shade of purple with a canopy bed in it, a beautiful pure white comforter and canopy. Entering the room fills  you with a peace, like a balm for your hurting soul. There was a long hallway which was filled with different shades of red and green doors. You thought maybe they were hiding the door that led out, but they weren’t. They were all piled on top of each other and after going through the stack, you still couldn’t find the door. Where was the elusive door? Why couldn’t you find it? Oh there is one, and you run to go see where it leads. Yes, you are outside! But wait, you still aren’t free. You came out into a garden and you can’t leave the garden except to go back in. You are surrounded by lovely flowers but can’t enjoy them. There is a gardener you see and you think maybe he can help you.

“Excuse me sir, do you know the way out of here?” He pauses for a moment and looks intently at you. You feel that he can see deep into your soul, all your secrets and fears you feel like he knows. At the moment where you are starting to get uncomfortable , he speaks. ” I am sorry but I can’t, I can’t tell you, you have to find it.”

Your heart sinks in your chest, you are confused, what does he mean?  You have been running all around here and haven’t found it, how are you supposed to? Your feet have a slow trudge to them as you go back inside.Where do you go? By the way where is that beautiful lady that let you in the house? it’s ike she has disappeared along with the door. What is this place?

Walking around again you come to the purple room, you have started naming rooms to give you a way to identify them. This room is your favorite, but you aren’t sure why, it just has such a warm feeling to it. You want to go lay in its satin sheets and on the fluffy pillow. But you can’t….you have a mission. You have to find the way out of here… don’t have time to lay down and just rest. Or do you? Is there a rush to find the door? Your gaze rests on the bed again and your heart is drawn in, it really does seem cozy. 1 nice lamp in the corner casting a soft glow. Yes, yes, you think you will stop for awhile. The search for the door can wait.

Cookies with Love Daily Challenge #18

For today’s challenge we were told to write from the perspective of a 12 year old. A 12 year old watching their neighbor lady being evicted from her house after her husband had died.

It was the first day of summer!! School was out, YAY!! I was daydreaming  about all the fun things I would do this summer! My faithful dog was beside me on the porch. One of the things I looked forward to was getting to visit Mrs.Pauley more! She was such a kind lady! Always had milk and cookies for me. Freshly baked cookies! At times she would even let me help her make them.

My friends didn’t always understand me wanting to spend time with her, they thought older adults were boring. I enjoyed adults. Mr. Hamilton in the rest home down the street was fascinating. He could tell you so many stories from his years  in the war. He always had me on the edge of my seat with excitement listening to him. Mom and Dad told me that he enjoyed telling tall tales! You never know, they could have been true! Mom and Dad weren’t there! Mrs.Topol talked about living through the Depression. I sure was glad I wasn’t alive at that time. The thing I enjoyed the most about visiting these adults were that they always had time on their hands. Time to spend with me and give me their full attention. No one was busy having to rush to work, or doing jobs around the house. They delighted in focusing on me and whatever we chose to talk about.

Why was a police car coming down the street? OH NO! I suddenly remembered what my parents had told me. With all the excitement of school being out I had forgotten! Mrs.Pauley was being evicted today. She can’t be! She can’t leave! Where would she go? Her family all lived far away and from the little bit I heard from my parents, her sons weren’t that close to her. How sad! She and Mr.Pauley had been so close, they always were holding hands and sitting on the porch swing  together. I know she missed him very much!

A lump started in my throat as I saw the police car pull up to her house. I ran inside to get my parents. Where were they? Oh they were in the new addition we were building on. I didn’t know why we needed an extra room, but they sure had been busy at it. That’s why I  had spent more time at Mrs.Pauley’s house recently.

“Mom, Dad! The police are at Mrs.Pauley’s. Does she really have to go?”

“Honey, there is something we would like to talk to you about, come here.”

Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe it! My parents had told me who the room was for! It had been a surprise! Mrs.Pauley was going to live with us! I would have my very own live in grandma! My grandma had died a few years ago and I missed her a lot!

I could barely contain my excitement as I went running over to Mrs.Pauley’s house! She was talking to the police and motioning over to our house. Her eyes met mine and there was that instant connection. This summer really was going to be a delightful summer! I could already taste the cookies.