Don’t worry Baby…..

There was a challenge from our writer’s club to go to the radio or our ipod and pick the first song that is on our playlist or CD. Take the lyric and write a story around it and for a twist incorporate the name of the artist into the story. So hope you enjoy this! Can you guess the name of the artist? I am sure you can 🙂

As I see the beach in my mind and hear the sound of the waves, I am soothed. To me the beach means peace. Especially when the beach is empty. No boys or girls playing, or other adults sunbathing ; just me and the sand and the waves.  I can walk for a long time on the beach not getting tired. Feeling the soft, warm texture of the sand on my bare feet and looking out into the never ending ocean brings a calmness into my soul. It doesn’t matter what may be going on in my life. When I am at the beach time stands still. Yes, in that moment, my heart sings the words to Don’t worry Baby and for a moment all is well!

4 thoughts on “Don’t worry Baby…..

  1. I like to walk on a sandy beach where there is only the ocean, the sand and the seagulls. However, walking on sand can be difficult – hard pack is good – loose sand is really a chore and a lot of hard work. I enjoyed reading your description. Thanks for sharing.


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