The New Car !

Well this title may be a little misleading, since I don’t actually have the new car yet! Yesterday we got the KEY in the mail. The key that you use to go visit a dealership to see if your secret code matches up with the winning one. So maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself, but hey I have as good of chance as the other millioneth person that got a key in the mail 🙂 There are other prizes you can win too. A pearl necklace, (doubting its real pearls) and a pair of binoculars. But I am counting on the brand new vehicle, and counting on it not being gray!

Yes, there is a story behind this. As our girls were getting excited last night about winning a vehicle, the color of it came up. Don’t worry we did inform them that our chances of actually winning are pretty slim! My oldest tho is like me and clings to the slim hope. She said how that would be the perfect vehicle for her when she gets her license next year. My husband and I looked at her and dashed her hopes right away!. I told her she could get Dad’s car, for she doesn’t want my van. I mean really my van is just not cool enough! So that led us to talking about our past vehicles and my color story came out. I have always owned gray vehicles, NOT by choice! It just always seemed to be the gray ones that were in my limited  price range, when I was single. When I got married and we had little babies, we needed a reliable, but cheap form of transportation. Found a Taurus that someone was selling at a great price. Yes,it was gray, but could we really protest, was it worth spending extra money just to try to get another color? No. Same thing happened when we had to replace that one The kids were getting bigger, we needed more room to haul their friends around. We checked out vans in Consumer Report and found Windstars to be rated high, so we went off looking for that. Went to a well known car dealership and the  salesperson said he had 1 of them in the lot. We walked out and my eyes struck a  beautiful blue van, I thought luck was shining down on me; but wait where was the salesperson going? I saw, and my husband looked at me;  t put my head down, as he laughed. YUP, the salesperson led us to a nice, shiny, gray Windstar. I decided that gray is just really trying to make itself my favorite color. Sorry to say its not working! It wouldn’t be as bad, if I could have got different colors each time. Would have been ok, even if they weren’t my first choice! It’s just how it had to be gray every time. In the meantime my Dad gets a red vehicle, my sister gets a blue one, my Mom gets a red one, my nephew who had a very limited budget even got a nice color vehicle! I figured I was just jinxed! So I have decided that today will be the day my jinx ends! My husband will take the key and the next thing I know he will be pulling into the driveway  with that shiny blue, red, purple, (I don’t care, as long as its not gray) vehicle and you all will hear me shout 🙂

For remember, if you read my post yesterday…I quoted Dr.Seuss. “Today is Your Day” it said. And yesterday we got the key. It’s a sign, I just know it 🙂 Stay tuned to find out!

8 thoughts on “The New Car !

  1. Thanks! I have always figured that there is no fault in being optomistic, even when the odds are stacked against you 🙂 I see from your posts that you are that way too, a glass half full type of person 🙂


  2. Haha, oh Joy, you know I really missed your family themed posts ;). I was actually going to ask you when I could expect another and then I saw this. And this time, don’t worry it will be – out with the grey and in with the ‘insert any color you want’. 🙂

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  3. OH Keagy you always make me smile! Thanks! I was caught up in My Search story, but am anxious to get back into more regular posts. This is still all new for me, but am definitely enjoying it! Glad you enjoy my family themed posts, hopefully you will continue too!


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