The New Car..Part 2

I am sitting here wearing my pearl necklace staring through my binoculars at the shiny red,brilliant blue, light green, cool purple vehicles that cruise by and I sigh! LOL! No, its all OK! So we didn’t win the car, we still had good luck today. First of all the necklace is actually pretty nice. Its a Freshwater genuine pearl in a heart. I had to smile when I saw there was a heart. I love heart shaped thngs. It all started when my husband bought me my heart shaped diamond engagement ring. Nothing can compare to that of course, but since then I have collected different heart shaped things. I even bought a purse one time for it had a heart shaped clasp to close it with.

After that we went shopping for my husband who needed a new suit. My 25th High School Reunion is coming up this Saturday and I got my dress, so he needed this suit. We found a GREAT DEAL!! The store was having a big sale!

So in the end we are both happy.He has binoculars, I have a necklace.  I think the only ones not happy besides my daughter…since we didn’t win the car…is the car salesperson 🙂  He came up to us right away when we walked out to the lot. We showed him our key with the code, and he asked if he could interest us in a great sale on vehicles that they are having. You knew that was coming. My husband nicely replied that no, we really are just here for our prize 🙂 He said OK and took us back to the office, then tried one more time. He said , “What would it take for you to buy one of our vehicles?” My husband replied, “If one of our vehicles breaks down tonight and is not worth fixing, for sorry sir, but we run our vehicles til they totally die!” The guy was nice and gave us our gifts and sent us on our way.

I am thankful for my wise spending hubby. Just because there is a big sale or shiny blue car in the lot, he won’t give in. We have never had a car payment since we been married, we pay for it in cash. That is why we are limited in what we buy, and why we go with the best deal, even when its gray 🙂 So I am OK, I will vent, but in the long run…my van gets me where I need to go and it sits higher up which I like. For one of short stature, that is important. I always feel smaller when I sit in my husband’s car.. Someday the color will change, but until than I will wear my necklace proudly. A reminder that even if you don’t win the big things…it’s OK!

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