The Search….The Conclusion!

Finally she landed on something soft. She laid there catching her breath. Why oh why had she followed the voice of the mysterious lady? At that moment she heard her calling her name again. Yeah, like she was really going to follow her again! What was this? A game of 10 ways to lose your mind. She felt like she was drawing very close to her mind being gone!

“Keep coming” the lady called, “You are almost there.” Almost where? All she kept seeing in front of her was pitch darkness and at times the floor was very uneven and it felt like something was jabbing her feet.  She moved forward, for what else was she supposed to do. The thought of sitting in the pitch black waiting to be rescued didn’t sit well with her. She never had liked the darkness!

As she was walking forward, a thought came to her mind that made her smile. Maybe the mysterious lady would have chocolate cupcakes waiting for her. She could taste the frosting now! In her opinion she definitely deserved some!

OH MY, was that a glimmer of light that she saw? How she hoped so! Her heart was starting to skip beats in excitement. She picked up the pace a little faster. At this point she didn’t care what was waiting for her at her destination, she just wanted to get to the light! If it was a monster waiting for her, she only hoped that he had left some cupcakes for her. At least she would have a sweet taste in her mouth before she died.

She kept walking the bright light grew stronger and started hurting her eyes. But her heart was glad! Finally it was all light! She was free of the darkness! The light was dazzling as it gleamed off the gold! She couldn’t believe her eyes! Had they been in the dark so long that they were playing tricks on her! There were gold nuggets everywhere! Where did it all come from? She spied a table that was loaded down with cupcakes and plenty of frosting! Oh how the juices in her mouth began running. What was that? There was a note beside the cupcakes, she picked it up to read it.  It read, “You have had pain and you have fallen, but you kept going…you were scared and felt alone, but at last you ventured out of your 4 walls. You explored new things and kept going and searching….kept searching, even when you had all you needed in your cozy room. Food and shelter. You ventured out into the darkness that you feared, and look where it led you….here is your reward!”

She gasped as she grasped the meaning of the note. This really was all her’s. WOW!!! But one thought persisted, she still hadn’t found the door, had she??

Glancing behind her she saw what she had missed earlier. The darkness had hid it, as the darkness hides so many things. The door! it was open! She had gone through it and she had found her way OUT! She looked over the high mountain of gold and saw the street and a row of houses. They were all stunning in color. Her heart rejoiced as she breathed in fresh air and heard the birds sing and could freely breathe in the scent of the beautiful flowers. She looked over at the garden and saw the gardener working away, he raised his head and looked straight at her. Was that a wink he gave her? Her attention was drawn to the row of houses again, there was something different about them….

What was it that was different? OH NO! She looked again…OH YES,,,,,there were no doors! She immediately turned around and focused her attention on the frosted cupcakes. She wasn’t letting her mind go there right now…her mind  needed a break! OH YUM! Her mouth was pleased with her..

White picket fences, beautiful flowers, and crystal clear windows.  The homes look beautiful from the outside, but one thing is missing from the inside.  The people can’t see the door, to them it is invisible.  Fear is what hides the door!

They can’t find their way out to inhale the aroma of the lovely flowers or hear the sweet music of the songbirds perched in the swaying green trees.  They can’t find their way to the deep blue ocean where the waves look like they go on forever.  Feel the peacefulness of the sound of the waves and the seagulls merged together.  The woods beckon them to come relax in their shade trees and stroll the paths strewn with wildflowers.  The doves line the path waiting to be held and stroked. They want to pass on peace to the holder.

Hope and joy is calling but unfortunately the ears are closed to the call.  They can’t hear, for their ears are listening harder to another call, the call of fear, doubt and worry! That is what keeps them trapped inside.

They hear the call of nature, but fear changes their perspective at how they look at things.  The sound of waves isn’t calming, instead the waves look 30 feet tall! The fear of drowning is too great!  The seagulls cries are drowned out.

The paths in the woods look dark and twisted and the fear is strong to where they may lead. The birds are unnoticeable, the peaceful doves that are beckoning go ignored.  Only  the dark shadows that the lofty trees are making stand out.

The mountains that are beautiful now look way to high and the rocks on them way to sharp and hard to climb. The risk is to great fear says!

The rolling thunder and the loud crack of lightning causes them to quake with fear and thus they cannot see the door.

The glass of fear is so thick that hardly anything can penetrate over the storm of doubts, disappointments and fears, but it is not unbreakable.  It can be shattered and the door can be found by something stronger. All that is needed is an  adjustment to the view that lets the rays of hope and joy shine in!

With those rays what  is  supposed to be seen  comes into closer view. The storm clouds don’t look as threatening,  instead they  see the gentle rainfall. The pitter patter of drops is a soothing sound to the ears.

The towering mountains look majestic and the hard climb seems worth the amazing view waiting at the top! It doesn’t seem impossible, but challenging, knowing that in the end the climb will provide strength that was never had before.

The rays of hope help smother the lies of worry and fear. It lets the ears hear the sounds of the waves and seagulls. They don’t look 30 feet high anymore, and even if they do sweep you under, you know that you will come up again!

The paths that seemed so confusing in the woods look brighter now, even tho the destination is still unknown.  Hope is found in the beautiful birds lining the path and the aroma of the flowers is much more refreshing , than the smell of fear.

Are you in a house with an invisible door ? Are you trapped inside your fears ? Embrace hope and you will find  the strength you need to find the door. Your eyes will open and you will see the colors of hope and joy. Bright golden doors will open before you, calling you to walk through.

Walk through and find the rainbow !  It is there, I promise. As for the pot of gold, you may find those nuggets too. They are mixed with the sharp rocks on the mountains that you have to climb. They are on the dark paths in the woods that you need to follow. You may even catch some from the falling rain during the storm;  that is if you dare to dance in the rain..

All this is waiting for you! Decide today to push fear away from blocking your door. Yes, there will be times you will fall and times you feel like drowning….BUT press on and the time will come when the waves will smooth over and the birds songs will come singing through and your bucket of gold nuggets may  be overflowing!

Thank you my faithful readers, so what do you think of the conclusion? Thanks for your support through this short story, which is the longest story I ever did. Some of you may have recognized the ending. The part after , there was something different about them….  Yes the words that followed was taken from my piece titled The Invisible Door. It’s one of my very first posts from back in August. This piece is what inspired me to write The Search… I really liked The Invisible Door and kept thinking how I would like to add to it, but really didn’t know how. So I put it on the back burner than this story came to my mind little by little and the more I got into this story the more I thought of this piece and wondered if there was a way to incorporate it. I honestly didn’t know how I would til I began writing tonight. This story has been so fun for me, for its something that I really didn’t labor over thinking about, most of it really came as I wrote and I was pleased to see how I could use The Invisible Door in this. Hope you have enjoyed it! And please feel free to tell me if you don’t like the ending.

5 thoughts on “The Search….The Conclusion!

  1. Your piece works well as an allegory. I think you should take that last paragraph which starts “What was different about them?’ and put it right under the paragraph where the gardener winks at her.

    Well done for persevering!


  2. Thanks for reading and for your suggestion!! I think I will do that, that last paragraph had just come to me and wasn’t sure it fit. But reading it again I think it would fit where you said. 🙂


  3. Joy, this was incredible. I have enjoyed this story from the beginning up until the final straw and you did great! I don’t know if you are into photography but the way you described the woods and the flowers, it felt like I was seeing through a photographers lens. 🙂


  4. Your words warm my hear kaygy! I love photography. I am far from being a professional photographer, but I just love to take pictures, so I love what you said about seeing through a photographer’s lens! Honestly I was thinking about having a really good photographer that I know take pics for me of woods, flowers, etc. to perhaps submit with this piece. I would like to submit it to a publisher if I am brave enough. A lot of them I think do their own illustrating tho, but it was a thought.


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