The Search continued…..:)

The voice called out again to her and taking a last glance at the stars, she followed the sound. She was trying not to argue with herself;Β  as she kept walking forward, through twists and turns. The voice kept reassuring her that she would be fine. She turned another corner and took a step…..WHOA!!!!! Down, down, down she fell! She was frightened as she plunged into darkness falling! What was that noise? Oh, it was her heart pounding out of her chest.

To be continued….:) Sorry I just had to! Thank you for reading! I promise I won’t keep you hanging long!

9 thoughts on “The Search continued…..:)

  1. I think I said it before but I get such a feeling of Lewis Carole and Alice and wonderland when I read your work. All the twists and funny turns. I really love it since it’s one of my favorite books.


    • Thanks a lot! I find it funny that you find resemblance in my work and Alice in Wonderland, just because I never was really into Alice in Wonderland. Not that it was bad, just was into other things…..I think the Queen saying off with her head scared me when I was little, LOL! I did like white bunny tho…I’m late, I’m late! πŸ™‚

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      • You know I’m not a fan of the old movie but I took children’s literature in university and found myself reading the entirety of Alice Through the Looking glass and very much enjoying. Plus, if you have ever see the new version Disney did with Johnny Depp and Ann Hatheway it’s quite good. I happen to find that a lot of themes found in classics are repeated in newer works sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose. Can’t wait to read more in your tale.


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