The Search…part 4-5

Why would someone be watching her? She had to take a step outside to get a breath of fresh air and try to clear her head. The stars were beaming brightly. A wonderful sight to behold, if her mind wasn’t so preoccupied with other matters.

Her mind drifted back to her life before she came to this house….seems like a dream almost, for she has lost track of time. Life was a mixture of confusion, loneliness and pain. She had lost everything! Her family was gone and she felt all alone in the world. The day had started out as an ordinary day. Throwing the alarm clock across the room for shattering her sleep, get up and get dressed, grab a yogurt and a Iced coffee and out the door. Go to work and chat with co-workers, they were friendly, but she never got to know them beyond the walls of work. She secluded herself in the 4 walls of her home. To her that was safe and safe was what she wanted. The unknown was frightening.  It held many dangers. She would come home from work and eat alone while watching a movie; for eating in silence was depressing. That night she decided she would take a stroll tomorrow, maybe break a little out of her comfort zone. She had off work for a week, so she  had to do something.

The next day dawned bright and she felt like something magical was in the air. After sleeping in she decided to take that stroll. Walked a little ways and from a distance spotted the house. Something drew her to go closer, it wasn’t like her to walk up to strange houses and especially to knock on the door! She had no idea what she would say, if someone opened the door. Her hands had begun to sweat with nerves. The door opened and the beautiful women was standing there opening the door wide for her. It was almost like she expected her. Welcome was all she said. Had she been expecting her? Is that why she was being watched so closely? But why, why had that beautiful lady never shown her face again??

Well drowsiness was beginning to overtake her and the air was getting cool, so she stepped back into her room. The covers looked so inviting and  the warmth crept into her skin, as she wrapped herself in them. For the moment she was at peace, and she drifted off to dreamland.

A pleasant aroma greeted her in the morning. She opened her eyes to behold quite a sight! A spread of bacon, eggs, pancakes and blueberry muffins were spread out on the heart shaped table. A lot of questions still raced through her mind from the night before. But one thing was for certain, whoever was watching her sure was being very nice to her! Was it genuine or were they fattening her up like a turkey before Thanksgiving; or a drawing her in like a spider to a fly? She tried to quickly let go of those thoughts so she could enjoy her hearty breakfast.This breakfast should definitely give her the energy to find the door today! It had to be here, right? Maybe she should talk to the gardener again; that is where she would head after breakfast.

Off she went in the direction of the garden, at least if she remembered it right. She came upon the stack of doors in the hallway and knew she must be close to the entrance of the garden, Yup…there it was.

OH she could smell the sweet scent of the hyacinths and roses. The beauty was so awesome! All around her were flowers, as far as the eye could see. The gardener wasn’t in sight, to her disappointment. She wandered around a little til she saw a unique bench to sit on, it was shaped like a great book. Loving books, she thought it was great, and had a seat. It was by a fountain and she loved the sound of running water, soothing to the soul.  She would sit here for awhile and see if the gardener came back.

From afar she saw the gardener talking to someone. She could only see the back of the woman. Seeing the figure tho, made her pretty confident of who it was. There weren’t too many people that had a slim figure like the lady of the house. She guessed that she was size 2. Apparently she must not have eaten too many of the melt in your mouth chocolate brownies. Oh well…pant size, dress size, they are just a number. Her motto was, “Life is to short, eat dessert first!”

Intently she watched them, as they talked, oh how she wished she knew what they were saying. The mysterious lady turned around and she saw her beautiful face again! Her smile was big and bright and looked right at her, like she wasn’t surprised at all to see her sitting on the bench. She just stared at her for a bit, its like she was mesmerized by a almost haunting smile.  But wait, what was that? She had something in her hand. It was a platter of some kind of food, and she was eating it. The wind changed direction and the scent of chocolate drifted her way. So the mysterious lady did eat chocolate brownies and still managed to keep her size 2 figure. Oh she hoped she would bring them over to her!

No such luck, she turned away and headed back inside. There was a mixture of disappointment and relief. She wanted to speak to her, but wasn’t sure what to say to her, and didn’t know whether to be afraid of her or not.  It looked like the gardener had disappeared again to. Well at least she had got a nice stroll and refreshing time by the fountain. Time to get back to her search.

What hallway had she not gone down and what door had she not opened?  Hmmm….this door looked interesting. It had the Where is Waldo scene painted on it. She remembered those books. You searched and searched for the elusive Waldo amidst everything else in the pictures. Slowly she opened up the door and walked in.

OH MY WORD!! What did she walk into? It was like a giant labyrinth. The door slammed shut behind her making her jump. She was bound to get lost in here, changing her mind she turned around to leave, but OUT went the light! It was pitch dark! She felt for the door but only felt the wall. It had to be here! The door couldn’t have disappeared! A sinking feeling rose in her chest….

What should she do now? She timidly took a step forward, the floor was really soft. It was spongy, felt kind of cool…but at same time wondered what she was walking on. There were some faint stars that she saw,, figured they  must be from a window and she would follow in that direction.

What was that? She heard a voice that totally made her jump out of her skin! It had a seducing, hypnotic tone to it. What really got her is the tone,she recognized it. Could it be? Yes, it was! It was the voice of the mysterious lady! It was telling her to keep walking, to not fear. It said to follow the sound of her voice. The voice echoed like it was coming from a deep hole…She walked towards it, toward the voice and the stars. OH NO! Now what? The voice sounded again, but it was coming from a different direction… the stars beckoned the other direction. What should she follow? The beautiful lady wouldn’t lead her astray, would she??

Ok my faithful readers, what do you say? What should she follow? 🙂 Anxious to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading!


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