The Search….part 2

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write more about this or not, but felt inspired to the other day so here it is. Let me know your thoughts.  Thanks!

OH it felt like she had been sleeping on a cloud. All her tension from running around to find the door just melted away. What was it about this room that was so refreshing?  As the sun poured brightly through the window, onto her bed, she could feel her eyes close into a peaceful slumber.

Was that footsteps she heard? They sounded like they were fading away, Clickety- clack on the ceramic tiled floor. She jumped up and opened the door, but the hallway was clear. The walls were silent, not speaking about who walked past them. Re-entering the room she spied something on the cherry wood end table. There was a large  pitcher of water, that she was sure hadn’t been there, when she first entered the room. She noticed  the intricate painting on it. A beautiful house adorned with bright colors and a flower garden beside it. As she gazed upon it, there was something different about the house. All at once she felt a flutter in her chest, as the truth dawned on her; the house had no door!

Sinking back into the pillowy soft bed her mind raced, was that painting of this house? The colors were different but the one missing feature stood out! For she still had not found the door of this house.

Raising up a boost of energy hit her…a new determination to go forth and search for the door. Perhaps in her search she would  find the elusive lady that had greeted her, when she entered the house; but since than, has disappeared! The lady had a charming countenance and eyes of tenderness. She hadn’t seen the lady for long, but her deep brown eyes looked like they had seen much pain, but there was a joy that resonated there too.  She had guessed that this lady turned many a man’s eyes to her, as she looked  stunning in her fashionable gown, with just enough sequins; they looked stylish and not gaudy. She was tall and slim and walked with purpose.

Reaching the end of the long hallway she paused, trying to decide which direction to turn. Should she flip a coin? The left looked really dark and spooky, so she chose to stay safe and turn to the right. The sun was striking the stained glass windows just right and made them look stunning! Taking in their beauty she studied each one. There were pictures of gardens, mountains, the woods and the sea. All striking in their beauty. She could feel her heart smiling. As she got to the corner it turned sharply into a tiny passage way. You couldn’t be very tall or you would hit your head on the ceiling. A good thing that she was so small. The walls were covered in murals. All kinds of houses. Mansions, ranchers, cottages…all sizes and styles. They all looked warm and inviting with their bright colors. She wondered….should she dare to check? Part of her was afraid to, but her curiosity won out. One by one she looked at each painting very closely, trying not to miss a single detail. Her heart started thumping for she kept drawing the same conclusion with each house. Each one had no door. Was this only a strange coincidence? Were all these pictures trying to say something, tho they couldn’t speak? Goosebumps broke out all over her body. Was her search futile? Was she hunting a jackalope? That fictitious animal that her brother-in-law had her believing in when she was small. There really was no such thing. Did that hold true for the door?


7 thoughts on “The Search….part 2

  1. I love this mixture of rapid fears, confusion and flows of thoughts! I have the impression that “she” is an Alice in wonderland 🙂 amI right?


    • Thanks 🙂 Both my daughter and husband and had asked if I had another chapter planned and I thought of you saying before how it sounded like a chapter in a mystery book so that helped give me the push 🙂 Now my husband said, what about part 3? 🙂 I told him, will have to wait and see.


  2. Thanks 🙂 I will try! The thing is I am left hanging too 🙂 LOL! Writing this has really been different for me, I write as it comes and I honestly am not sure what is coming next… but don’t worry I feel pretty strongly that more will come. Thanks for the support!


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