Treasures of my heart, Daily Challenge #20

For this last post of our class we are supposed to write about something we treasure! As others have said, I have really appreciated this class! It has brought back to me how much I treasure writing! I look forward to continuing to interact with the other writers here who have inspired me and to continue writing faithfully and hopefully grow in my writing!

I have picked 3 things that I treasure, each from someone who I treasure dearly! I will start with my husband! There are many wonderful gifts he has given me over the years, ones that have warmed my heart and brought me many smiles! From his very first gift, a vase of roses, to a precious Mother’s ring.  But there is something I treasure even more, and it was given to me when we were dating. Right now they are kept securely in my cedar chest, which is another thoughtful gift from him. At times I still open up my chest and take them out and read through them as memories come flooding back. Yes, it is his love letters and cards over our several months dating period. There are ones that make me laugh, like the one that said, “If I had to choose between you and a million dollars I would choose you….but I would remind you every day for the rest of your life how I gave up the chance to be rich to have you!” He never had to make that choice 🙂 but I do remind him quite often how we are RICH in love, which is the best kind of richness to have! Oh, there were ones that would bring a tear, for they spoke of how much he missed me, being that we were 500 miles apart!  “I can’t wait to be with you again….I long to taste your sweet kisses, feel your heart beat next to mine and whisper secret midnight promises in your ear. I want to laugh with you, and just hold you tight in the warmth of shared silence. I miss you more than you could possibly imagine and I want you to know you’re on my mind and in my dreams…always! This is the card I found on my pillow after yet another tearful goodbye as he pulled his truck out of the driveway. The funny ones and the sad ones all have one similar theme; his great love for me! It comes powerfully through his written words and beautifully chosen cards. I haven’t counted recently, but trust me there are A LOT! They will always be precious to me! I need to add this little note since I am talking about cards. On our wedding night we presented each other with cards, for they had been a big part of our dating life. As he opened mine he started laughing. I was taken aback, for it was not a funny card. He told me to open his and as I did I saw what the laughter was about. Yes, out of the millions of Wedding cards out there, him being in Indiana and me in Pennsylvania, we still managed to pick out the same exact wedding card for each other! 🙂


Another gift sits on my dresser and it’s from my oldest daughter. It is a silver elephant with beautiful designs on it. It’s not the beauty that makes it special, but it is truly the thought. Our children go through different stages in gift giving. You have the handmade cards and gifts that are so precious, then the gifts that they go shopping with Dad for and Dad guides them greatly in what to choose. After that comes the stage of knowing you and picking out something that says they know you. I have 5 other elephants that I bought myself over the years. My daughter took note of that and that’s why this elephant stood out to her. I cherished that thoughtfulness, and I gaze at that elephant with love.


My youngest daughter loved gems, crystals and rocks when she was younger. She has a collection. One day we went to a cavern and we were at the gift shop afterwards, and the girls had money to spend on some treasures. We were all ready to leave, but my youngest was taking forever in deciding what gem she wanted. I told her she had to hurry because we couldn’t wait all day. She had 2 gems in her hand and asked which one I liked better. They were both pretty, but I love hearts and so I chose the heart shaped purple one. When we got in the van, she handed me the shiny, smooth heart shaped gem and said,”This is for you, Mommy.” My heart melted! All the time she took to choose a gem was to figure out what I would like best. She could have gotten a treasure for herself, but she chose to give it to me! So yes, that little heart shaped gem lays on my dresser too and is a reminder of how she touched my heart. A gift for no special occasion, but just to say, “I Love You!”


As I re-read this again, another thing came to my mind. It had come before, but I wasn’t sure about posting it. Now I feel I have to, for it is a very special treasure. What I am talking about isn’t from anyone, its from me. Yes, I guess that sounds funny, but let me explain. I started journaling when I was very young. I am now 43 and I still journal. My collection is big and it is one of the most valuable things I own! For tucked inside these journals are precious memories! The ups and downs of a teen’s life, the things that we thought were so dramatic, now make me laugh as I read. My dating years, the year I spent away from home in Voluntary Service, when I met Mr.Right, the beginning of being a new bride, etc. So many things that when I read them makes my heart smile and yes at times makes my heart cry, but that’s ok! For no the journals are not just about the good times. They have me crying out in anger and in fear in them. They describe the pain of my heart due to trying  circumstances and I am glad they are there  For  I can go back and see how I grew through the pain.

My girls love when I read things out of my journals about them when they were little. They enjoyed hearing my excitement when I was pregnant with them and  when they were born, the funny things they did and said when they were little; and the list goes on. Yes, nothing could replace my journals, they are stories from the heart, and this story wouldn’t be complete without them.

12 thoughts on “Treasures of my heart, Daily Challenge #20

  1. So beautiful. I loved every word of this post. You are a kindred spirit in what you treasure. You are setting such a fine example for your girls. I think my favorite part is how you read from your journal to your girls stories of when they were young. Those must be such precious times!


  2. Thought you all would smile at this! After I finished typing this up, I let it up to go back to to re-check it. Went and did some vaccuming in the meantime. Was doing that and all of a sudden water fell on my head! I thought, “What in the world!” Where is that coming from?” Here it was my grinning husband from behind me, hadn’t heard him coming. I “yelled” at him and said, I just posted a really nice post about you! Now I may have to delete it! Ha! As you see, I didn’t 🙂


  3. Joy, what a delight to read this! It is so clear you are a special and dearly loved lady! I loved the three treasures and why each was unique and special to you in its own way. A wonderful read!!! Thanks for sharing your precious treasures…


  4. This is beautifully heartfelt! I love the cards and notes you exchanged with your husband. My husband and I courted through the post (no internet in those days) and we have all the long, daily, handwritten letters. Funny how many times we shared the same poem, written on the same day, posted and received 10 days later. What precious gifts you have been given! 🙂


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