My wish list! Daily Challenge #14

For this challenge we were supposed to turn to page 29 of a book close to us and pick a word that jumped out at us. Use that word as the topic of a To Whom it May Concern letter! When I saw this word, I knew instantly I could identify with it. Hope you enjoy this light hearted post!

Dear Hospital:

I have a love/hate relationship with you! Inside your 4 walls, you have taken  my heart to the highest mountains of JOY! Hearing my newborn’s first cry of life melted my heart and filled me with a love unimaginable! Sad to say tho that the majority of the time that I have spent in your 4 walls has not filled me with that incredible joy!

Having surgeries does not rate up there on my FUN THINGS To Do list! Now the little gifts I would get for those times, did make me smile. I still own my stuffed, fluffy, white, well maybe not so white by now, dog. Have a picture of me holding it in my wheelchair as I am  escorted OUT of the hospital 🙂 My Benji dog I still own,  and remember my Dad bringing it into me as I laid in the hospital bed not feeling good at all! Still have my musical reindeer that my sister brought for me 2 years ago. I chuckle as I remember  when the Dr was trying to examine me, that the  reindeer would start playing for no reason! It happened a couple times, til we had to put it away! We needed the laughter.

But I see a pattern evolving  here that I don’t like.  While my family and friends have always done their best to make my stay as good as possible;  you have not done as well!  Now I will add a disclaimer;  you have provided some very nice and caring nurses which I am thankful for! But as far as for  making my stay comfortable, I have some suggestions! Here is my list of wishes that could make my stay much more enjoyable!

1.A queen size bed with a very comfortable mattress!

2. A hot tub in my private bathroom!

3. A massage therapist to tend to me!

4.GOOD FOOD! Frappe’s and Latte’s , lots of chocolate!

5. Satin gowns that cover everything, not requiring you to be tying all kinds of different strings together; to hold the gown in place! Your hospital gowns leave  MUCH to be desired!

6.Plush comfy robes…my husband and I had them hanging on the back of our door in a hotel we stayed at. The price of the hotel was ALOT cheaper than the price of your room, so asking for plush robes is not too much!

7. Putting couches in the room, so that friends and family have places to sit when they come visit. Plus make the couch a hide-a-way bed for your spouse when they are spending the night or for the parent who is staying with their child!

8. Murals painted on the walls of the rooms. Have a Ocean room, Mountain room, and a Garden room. Think how much peace that could bring to your patients, as they lie in their beds, staring at the beauty on the walls and pretending they are there!

9. A salt water fish tank in each room; statistics show how watching fish can lower your blood pressure. Hospitals are about improving your health, right? Your patients would love it!

10. Frequent patient rewards. Get with the program!  There are Frequent flier miles, free coffee after so many punches on your card, free discounts from stores after spending a certain amount… My hospital stays have topped that special amount many times…I say that you offer a week long cruise if you stay in the hospital a week. I checked the prices, the cruise is cheaper!! And once you accumulate 30 days of being in the hospital, you get a month of free travel anywhere! I am thinking of a  Dr.Seuss book right now.  This book would have been my  theme if you would have started this incentive back when I was 5. “Oh the Places You Can Go!”

So there you have it, that’s my list….think you can start working on it?  Will give me something to look forward to, if I ever enter your doors again.

Sincerely Yours!

PS. Actually stained glass windows in the room would be awesome! No more staring at parking lots and other buildings! Patients would have rooms with magnificent views. The stained glass design could go along  with the theme of the mural in the room.


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