The Power of Music – Challenge #3, write about my 3 favorite songs

Music is a wonderful thing, puts words to our emotions. I love a variety of music and one of the greatest things  is the memories it stirs in our hearts!

As a young child, I remember when our family went on trips. My Dad would be drumming on the steering wheel to his favorite gospel songs. His carefree spirit was evident, he was on vacation, and there was happiness in the air. Now without  warning those songs will pop into my head and I will instantly be transported back to riding in our van on  an  adventure, with my Dad at the wheel.

When we were teens, my best friend and I would crowd around the radio for Country Music Countdown. To this day we still talk about some of our favorite songs from those past years  and the memories they evoke.

My husband and I lived 500 miles apart when we dated. It was hard, but we did our best at long phone calls and long letters. This was before the day of emails and texting 🙂 One very special thing was that my husband made 9 Love song tapes for me. No other collection like it, these songs were specially picked by him, just for me! This is where I will choose my 3 favorite songs from. Still very  hard to do, but at least it narrows it down.

1. Can’t Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon – This was the very first song on the first tape. It expressed his dedication to making our relationship work in spite of the distance.

2. When You Say Nothing at All by Allison Kraus –  I remember him singing the chorus of this song to me when I sat outside his house one evening. Powerful words at how its not what I say and do that makes him love me, he sees into my heart and loves me, even when I say nothing at all!

3. This Flame by Margaret Becker – Our flame of love has burned for almost 19years and is still burning bright! Through life’s up and downs it will continue to burn.

The power of music is strong! It lifts you up when your sad and gives you hope as the tears fall down your cheeks. It makes you feel like dancing when you are happy. Music stirs the soul and there is nothing like it that can quite compare!

Daily Challenge #2, A Room with a view…

We arrive and the grass is a vivid green…..the buildings shine in their vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow. The trees stand majestically shaped in a way I never saw trees before, tall and skinny , cone shaped with the branches pointed upward to the brilliant, blue sky. Unique and very catching to the eye.  We hear the ringing of the bell in the  tall Bell Tower right outside our window. That is the view from our room.  It chimes every hour, as if to say, “It’s 3:00 and all is well….How can’t it all be well when you are on vacation in such a beautiful spot.

The next day we ride a ferry to our destination. We feel the rocking of the ferry as it sails through the water and  see the spray of water as the drops land on the window. Soon we arrive and its like we have stepped back in time.

The color scheme of the buildings stand out to me again and you can see the age in them. You feel the history as you gaze upon them. The narrow alleys are calling you to come explore and the tiny bridges add a unique beauty to the place. You walk into the courtyards and feel  the gray cobblestone under your feet, as you gaze at the awesome architecture in the intricately designed buildings that surround you. The designs of the buildings had to take so long to do. They weren’t designed in this century with all our modern machinery. The people were dedicated to making their city beautiful and they had the patience to see their hard work through.

I walk in the palace hearing the echoes of my shoes on the floor, wondering about the echoes of the people who had gone before.  How did the ladies feel as they were escorted into the grand ballroom, elegant in its simple beauty.  How did the prisoners feel as they were escorted to the courtroom sitting on the hard, brown, wooden benches awaiting the fate that would be handed down to them. Knowing that they may never see the beauty of their city again. Only the 4 walls of their dreary, cold, bleak, gray cell. Gaze on the bars as they hear them clang shut and the guards footsteps get quieter as they go back up above ground to partake in  the beauty of life.

As you travel back outside you smell the ripeness of the variety of fruits in the open market in the square. The strawberries are a vibrant red and the green pears are making your mouth water to taste their sweetness.What your taste buds really desire tho is a rich,creamy gelato! Oh as you bite into  it, your taste buds jump for joy, thanking you for this smooth, luscious taste! You close your eyes and savor the moment.

While strolling this beautiful, unique city you can’t help but to notice the gleaming greenish-blue water that is calling out to you. Its saying to come rest awhile and let it carry you gently over it. This crystal water is why you don’t hear the sounds of cars honking or smell the smoke from them. Transportation by a gondola is how you get around.   If you ever wanted to feel like a king or queen for a day you will as you ride in the gondola. They are a shiny black with dazzling gold carvings in the design of the front and back of them. You step onto a royal red,  oriental carpet inside  the gondola and sit yourself on a black cushioned bench, with red pillows that feel as soft as a cloud. As you glide along, you catch a different view of the grandeur buildings. You hear your gondalier or another one singing or playing a musical instrument to enhance your pleasure of the ride. Music is so soothing  and it crosses all boundaries.  No language barriers to worry about, everyone understands how music speaks to the heart.

Oh take me back, take me back to the charming city of Venice. The city that made me feel like I was living in a dream!

Day 1 – Unlock your Mind challenge……Letting Go!

“Goodnight Mom, I love you!””

“Goodnight, Can I read you a book, sing you a song, rock you one more time ? ”

I don’t say this out loud for teens have perfected the art of giving you strange looks, and I knew I would get them.  But the words were o the tip of my tongue.  Where did the time go? How did my girls grow up to be teen beauties right before my eyes.

7 years ago at my niece’s wedding, as my daughters danced with my niece, my Brother-in-law looked at me and said , “Don’t blink!”  I thought, no problem! Boy was I wrong! Time is flying and I am being drug along at the speed of a moving train whether I want to be or not. I am holding tightly but little by little learning to let go….

Learning to embrace the young ladies they are becoming. Enjoying conversing with them on a more adult level…topics aren’t limited to Clifford and Land Before Time, or what part of the animal cracker do you eat first.

No temper tantrums in the middle of the store and meltdowns when you miss a nap….Nope, I am the one who melts down now without a nap! Ha! Kidding! But glad to say I can have uninterrupted sleep at night now. No pacing the floor with a crying infant, wanting to pull your hair out, can’t focus anymore cause of being so tired!

But wait, are the interrupted nights really gone…..Before I know it they will be driving. My heart will be in my throat I am sure, as I wait to see the car lights pull into the drive, letting me know they are safely home…..Oh colic come back! You were easier to handle. I had control, I held your screaming body in my arms and I couldn’t quiet you but I could cuddle you. I knew you were safe with me.

Letting go is a process…slowly I am learning..but..”Hey honey, are you sure they haven’t raised the driving age yet to say 25?  Keep checking, you never know! “

You gotta smile…..

Sometimes my mind goes back in time….well actually a lot of time it does 🙂 this time it was going back in time to our Europe trip! It was such an amazing time, and something I am so thankful for! Seeing so many new things was great and beautiful, but what is standing out to me now is the people!

We were in the unique, beautiful city of Venice, Italy first and all around us we were hearing Italian which we knew none of. After that, off to the peaceful land of Switzerland, the Alps all around you make you feel like you are nestled in a peaceful bubble. Even tho within the peaceful bubble we were hearing German all around us, which again we knew none of. Last of all was the famed city of Paris with its amazing sights. Yes, once again we were surrounded by another language we didn’t know. But amidst all 3 places there was something I realized….that was how far a smile can go 🙂

When trying to communicate I would smile, they would smile and we connected. I would use my hands to try to try to explain what I was trying to say, tho I am sure I confused them more 🙂 Why is it that we tend to use our hands when explaining things, even if it isn’t helping, LOL! But the smiles warmed my heart….showed me how no matter how little you know of the language, there is always a way to communicate. Smiles mean the same in any language!