The House of Love- Daily Challenge #11- Write about where you lived when you were 12

4 Pine Road, that was the place for some of my favorite memories and some of my worst! It was a split level house with a red door. I loved the door!  The bedroom that I shared with my sister was upstairs. Many nights of muffled laughter in our pillows, amidst the fighting over covers! I also remember my sister never failing to have to turn the light back on, cause of forgetting something. My poor eyes would be blinded. It usually was due to her needing to put her chapstick on! A smaller room, was my brother’s. It looked so lonely during the school year when he was off at college, but was filled with life when he would return. Later on the room became like a sanctuary, where I would try to feel his presence. The times when the missing him came unbearable! I can actually almost still smell the scent of the room, and I am reminded of him.  When the storms came one night and it was just us kids at home, we ran to my older sister’s room.  She was the  brave one. We  sat on her bed and sang songs as we huddled close together. Had a feeling of warmth and security!

Moving downstairs we had the family room with a couch that pulled out into a bed. How cool!  Slumber parties, dancing on the bed and listening to music. Playing Princess with my sister. We danced with our handsome princes and ran from the evil stepmother! Watching family movies with the big bowl of popcorn, all was done in that room.

The basement held memories too. Wonderful ones of being surprised by a ping pong table and hours spent having fun with it. Playing with a huge cardboard refrigerator box that I put a pillow and cushion in, was my little getaway. Swinging from a inner-tube, that we had strung from the rafters. A place to run to, when I was in tears and needed to be alone. I remember counting out all the seashells my brother had given me as a gift in a jar. Spilling them on the ping pong table as the tears spilled from my eyes.

If the walls could speak….that is said often, but so very true! A house is more than the furnishings and whether its spic and span. A house is the laughter, the love, the memories and yes even the tears that bond a family together! What the house looked like, the exact colors of the walls and carpet may fade from my mind. But the memories of what happened inside the walls will  never die!

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