The Duck and the Lawyer

So as I still think about what type of things i am going to post on my blog, I think I will post this and see how everyone likes it 🙂

We were doing some deep cleaning today, fun way to spend a Saturday I know! I pulled out from behind several boxes 2 wooden ducks. The old toys, the ducks  that had wheels and flapped their wings. They were on the end of a stick. We had picked them up at yard sale for our girls when they were just little tots. When I found them a memory came vividly back to me and I smiled as I relayed  it to my daughter. I asked her if she remembered these ducks and she said, Oh yes! I asked if she remembered breaking her sister’s and she said no. Welll…..I said, let me tell you, and she listened in anticipation

Your sister came running in the house crying that you had broke her duck. You came right behind her claiming that it wasn’t your fault. The story your sister told was that the ball you threw hit her duck and cracked it. Yes, you replied it did, but it wasn’t MY FAULT! See Mommy it was like this….

“Tiya wanted to play ball and I didn’t want to, but I was nice and said i would. I threw the ball and she missed it and so it hit her duck, BUT….IF she wouldn’t have suggested we play ball, I wouldn’t have thrown the ball and IF I wouldn’t have thrown the ball, she wouldn’t have missed it and IF she wouldn’t have missed it, it wouldn’t have hit her duck and cracked it! So see Mom, it wasn’t my fault!” ( this was exactly what she said, its documented in my journal :))

My now 12 year old was grinning as I finished it, and told her how  after saying that to me she  just walked away. “From that tender age of 6 is when I knew you were going to be a lawyer,”I said.  She laughed, but said , “No Mom, I don’t want to be a lawyer.”  in all honesty my husband and I still think there is a chance,  Once again I have proof of  of why in the many years of journals that I have ,LOL! For trust me, she hasn’t lost her reasoning like that, its only grown as she has, which is why my gray hairs are starting to show as we enter these teen years!

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