Look out Stomach! Daily Challenge #10, write about food that holds special memories

Three foods came instantly to my mind when I read this assignment.  Foods  that take me back to my childhood and fill me with  warm memories.

“Look out stomach, here it comes!” This was what was uttered out of my Dad’s mouth at my Mom’s new dish that she had prepared for supper.  It was Chicken Curry. You put rice in your bowl and the curry sauce on top of it, next comes the ingredients that my Dad wasn’t so sure about! Raisins, peanuts, and pineapples get put on top and all mixed together. Well I am glad to say that my Dad’s stomach survived that night and it soon became a favorite meal for us all. To this day we serve it to our families who delight in it as well. You can’t judge a book by its cover or a meal by what it looks like. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly encourage you to, your taste buds will thank you! 🙂

Chocolate cornstarch pudding is another favorite. A simple dish, but I fondly remember watching my Mom at the stove making it and that is why its such a sweet memory. My stomach would get excited when I would smell it on the stove as I anxiously waited to indulge in it. One thing that there was never leftovers of.

The third dish that brings back warm childhood memories is our supper  pancakes, yes I am sure we are not the only family that had a breakfast dish at supper. We actually had it quite often and none of us minded! What makes this stand out as extra special was that we didn’t use the common pancake syrup. Undiluted cream of mushroom soup was the desired topping! All of us thought it was delicious! This is one meal that has not caught on with my family, but I still make it from time to time and enjoy it all myself! Laughter comes to me as I write this, for something that just recently happened. After eating some pancakes with Cream of Mushroom soup and my husband shaking his head at me; I figured I would ask on facebook how many people liked their pancakes that way. I was shocked at the replies! No one had heard of it before!! I had always assumed it was a Pennsylvania Dutch dish, but it  was not appearing to be that. People were not eager to try it either, tho I said how yummy it was. Apparently you had to have the good memories in order to enjoy it! 🙂  I texted my sister and she too thought it was a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, so I called my Mom and asked her. The response I got was laughter! Here it was something my Mom had made up! Her Mom had never done it, or my Dad’s, it wasn’t a recipe from a friend. My Mom decided just to try it one night and it became a winner! Well at least with us it did! I still have not convinced my friends and family of how delicious it is. Will you give it a try?

Food…..it is about more than  flavor, it is a keeper of memories. It fills the stomach and warms the soul!

3 thoughts on “Look out Stomach! Daily Challenge #10, write about food that holds special memories

  1. Cute story about the “undiluted” cream of mushroom soup on pancakes! I say YUK to anything with mushrooms, but I just told my husband about who loves everything mushroom and cream of mushroom soup, and he raised an eyebrow in interest 🙂 – Never heard of such a thing, but was fun to read about.


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