The Playground – Daily Challenge #7 . write a vivid description of a place without using adverbs

They wanted to run, but we made them walk hand in hand. Smiling, the adorable 2 year olds  plodded along, some at a faster rate than others. For  some had to stop and watch the bright, yellow  butterfly fly by or look up at the trees, for they were sure they saw something hiding  up there. When the gate opened, they ran with happiness to the toys. Some went to the slide and yes some pushing and shoving occurred as to who would go down first. Others sat on a picnic bench together laughing at private secrets, while others went into the playhouse playing peek-a-boo out the windows.

One little boy sat in the grass crying, longing for someone to pick him up. As he was picked up his body  relaxed and it wasn’t long til his little blonde head was nodding and his  droopy eyes closed in sleep.

“And what would you like to eat”, was the words out of one brown curly haired girl, that I call  Shirley Temple :). “I will have  spaghetti and some pie please.” She was the quickest cook of all, for she  had it all ready within minutes! She didn’t even  forget the drink to wash it down.. Another brown curly haired angel wanted to get in on the fun and asked if I was hungry. “Well I  ate spaghetti and pie, but sure what will it be?”  She wanted to make a surprise, so off she went and returned within seconds. “Here you go”, she said with pride, as she held her hands out with care  so as not to drop the delicious food.

I can say with all  honesty  it was the first time ever for a peanut butter and garlic sandwich!

Running with excitement came another short blonde haired angel, smiling with pleasure. “I am all wet!” she said, “OH NO”, we said, “You will have to stay outside and miss lunch, so you can dry off!” She laughed with glee, “No, I won’t, I am just pretending! See I am not really wet!”

The adorable black haired child is sitting on the merry-go-round, her little round cheeks are just asking to be squeezed. Oh but wait, she keeps throwing the toys in the grass that the tiny brown haired boy is putting on the merry-go-round.  This is causing cries of frustration to come from him. Knowing that soon one of those toys is going to be thrown at the little girl I pick her up and carry her away to another toy, and the little boy is left in peace.

Blonde haired, blue eyed cutie pie is going for a ride in the little dump truck, but OOPS, he took a tumble. Cries emit from him, but more out of surprise,than being hurt. He is picked up and cuddled, and soon off to run with joy again.

OH my leg is getting hugged, no problem, this body will take as many hugs as it can get 🙂

“Who wants lunch?” Soon they come running with anticipation, eager to go fill up their bellies, and the teachers eager for what comes after….NAPTIME! 🙂 where visions of sugarplums will dance in their heads!

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