Through his eyes of love! Daily Challenge #6, Write about someone you recently met who impacted your life

He impacted the lives of people as far away as Africa and as close as the feel of his breath.

Innocence exuded from his tiny, fragile body, like a breath of fresh air. Smooth as satin was the feel of his skin. It gave you a feeling of warmth from your head to your toes as you held him. A feeling that all was right with the world, and when he smiled your heart melted. You knew in a instant that you wouldn’t think twice if you had to put yourself into danger to save him. He left that mark on your soul. Through his eyes you saw a fresh outlook on life, a new beginning, someone who has made no mistakes yet and has no regrets. For  a moment you wish you could go back in time to that new beginning.  He may have been small, only 21 inches and 8 pounds, but he left a impact on many and he will continue to do so!

As I cuddled his warm body next to my chest and breathed in the scent of his sweet smell I felt challenged. Challenged to let go of  the regrets of the past and move forward. To embrace each new day, the joys and the challenges that it holds, for that is life. A life that my dear niece brought this little bundle of joy, named Miles into! As he grows,  she and her dear husband will teach Miles about life, but for now he is teaching us in his own small way. Teaching us to hold those we love dearly close to us….not look at their mistakes or what we see as flaws, for through his eyes he sees each of us as perfect. He doesn’t know what mistakes we made  last week, ….he knows the present. That is what is impacting me now, to focus on the present and embrace my loved ones for who they are right here and now. To not dwell on yesterday’s faults or even the ones just made a hour ago. I want to think like Miles who looks at his Mommy and Daddy with eyes of love and gratitude. He could care less what mistakes they may have made.  When they are holding and loving on him,  they are his world and he loves them unconditionally. The same way that they love him!

Go impact someone’s world today by choosing to look at them through the eyes of Miles! Appreciate them for who they are and love them unconditionally!

9 thoughts on “Through his eyes of love! Daily Challenge #6, Write about someone you recently met who impacted your life

  1. I enjoyed this post, it is full of love for the little one. It also reminds us that some things in life are important, other things not so much.
    You speak about the impact Miles has had in Africa. I would have liked more information about this.
    You used the senses well, smell and touch in particular.


    • Thank you for your comments, appreciate them! Yes, there are some things in life that just don’t matter. Sorry about leaving you hang with the Africa comment, I had wondered if I should had explained that. Mile’s Great Aunt and Uncle and cousins are in Africa right now serving in mission work.

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