The Power of Music – Challenge #3, write about my 3 favorite songs

Music is a wonderful thing, puts words to our emotions. I love a variety of music and one of the greatest things  is the memories it stirs in our hearts!

As a young child, I remember when our family went on trips. My Dad would be drumming on the steering wheel to his favorite gospel songs. His carefree spirit was evident, he was on vacation, and there was happiness in the air. Now without  warning those songs will pop into my head and I will instantly be transported back to riding in our van on  an  adventure, with my Dad at the wheel.

When we were teens, my best friend and I would crowd around the radio for Country Music Countdown. To this day we still talk about some of our favorite songs from those past years  and the memories they evoke.

My husband and I lived 500 miles apart when we dated. It was hard, but we did our best at long phone calls and long letters. This was before the day of emails and texting 🙂 One very special thing was that my husband made 9 Love song tapes for me. No other collection like it, these songs were specially picked by him, just for me! This is where I will choose my 3 favorite songs from. Still very  hard to do, but at least it narrows it down.

1. Can’t Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon – This was the very first song on the first tape. It expressed his dedication to making our relationship work in spite of the distance.

2. When You Say Nothing at All by Allison Kraus –  I remember him singing the chorus of this song to me when I sat outside his house one evening. Powerful words at how its not what I say and do that makes him love me, he sees into my heart and loves me, even when I say nothing at all!

3. This Flame by Margaret Becker – Our flame of love has burned for almost 19years and is still burning bright! Through life’s up and downs it will continue to burn.

The power of music is strong! It lifts you up when your sad and gives you hope as the tears fall down your cheeks. It makes you feel like dancing when you are happy. Music stirs the soul and there is nothing like it that can quite compare!

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