Day 1 – Unlock your Mind challenge……Letting Go!

“Goodnight Mom, I love you!””

“Goodnight, Can I read you a book, sing you a song, rock you one more time ? ”

I don’t say this out loud for teens have perfected the art of giving you strange looks, and I knew I would get them.  But the words were o the tip of my tongue.  Where did the time go? How did my girls grow up to be teen beauties right before my eyes.

7 years ago at my niece’s wedding, as my daughters danced with my niece, my Brother-in-law looked at me and said , “Don’t blink!”  I thought, no problem! Boy was I wrong! Time is flying and I am being drug along at the speed of a moving train whether I want to be or not. I am holding tightly but little by little learning to let go….

Learning to embrace the young ladies they are becoming. Enjoying conversing with them on a more adult level…topics aren’t limited to Clifford and Land Before Time, or what part of the animal cracker do you eat first.

No temper tantrums in the middle of the store and meltdowns when you miss a nap….Nope, I am the one who melts down now without a nap! Ha! Kidding! But glad to say I can have uninterrupted sleep at night now. No pacing the floor with a crying infant, wanting to pull your hair out, can’t focus anymore cause of being so tired!

But wait, are the interrupted nights really gone…..Before I know it they will be driving. My heart will be in my throat I am sure, as I wait to see the car lights pull into the drive, letting me know they are safely home…..Oh colic come back! You were easier to handle. I had control, I held your screaming body in my arms and I couldn’t quiet you but I could cuddle you. I knew you were safe with me.

Letting go is a process…slowly I am learning..but..”Hey honey, are you sure they haven’t raised the driving age yet to say 25?  Keep checking, you never know! “

11 thoughts on “Day 1 – Unlock your Mind challenge……Letting Go!

  1. I am not a mother yet! but I must say your daughter is lucky to have you!
    To let your daughter go is actually love. It is what will make her grow to become a beautiful mother like your soul.

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  2. Thank you for your kindness in nominating me…I will try to answer the questions later today. I am very new to blogging tho, so I really can’t nominate 11 bloggers. I am just getting to know other bloggers on here and am enjoying it, so maybe at a later time. Thanks again, I am glad that you find my work inspiring, that is my goal. Good luck to you as you continue the journey of blogging! Looking forward to viewing more of your writings!


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