You gotta smile…..

Sometimes my mind goes back in time….well actually a lot of time it does 🙂 this time it was going back in time to our Europe trip! It was such an amazing time, and something I am so thankful for! Seeing so many new things was great and beautiful, but what is standing out to me now is the people!

We were in the unique, beautiful city of Venice, Italy first and all around us we were hearing Italian which we knew none of. After that, off to the peaceful land of Switzerland, the Alps all around you make you feel like you are nestled in a peaceful bubble. Even tho within the peaceful bubble we were hearing German all around us, which again we knew none of. Last of all was the famed city of Paris with its amazing sights. Yes, once again we were surrounded by another language we didn’t know. But amidst all 3 places there was something I realized….that was how far a smile can go 🙂

When trying to communicate I would smile, they would smile and we connected. I would use my hands to try to try to explain what I was trying to say, tho I am sure I confused them more 🙂 Why is it that we tend to use our hands when explaining things, even if it isn’t helping, LOL! But the smiles warmed my heart….showed me how no matter how little you know of the language, there is always a way to communicate. Smiles mean the same in any language!

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