Lessons I learned…..

God has lifted me up through my girls so many times that I am grateful for!  Beautiful moments, that I will always remember….here are just a few things that I have learned from the moments….


One morning my dear daughter spilled her hot chocolate.  She apologized and I said, “It’s ok, nothing was broken”  She looked at me and reminded me about the time that her sister had broke my favorite mug. “But you still forgave her…”, she said to me’


I had honestly forgotten all about it and at that moment it hit me. That is how God is when we come to HIM and ask for forgiveness, whether its something little or big….He forgives and remembers no more, He flings it to the deepest part of the sea!  The devil will try to throw it back in our face, but just throw it back at him, saying ,”Its over!! It’s forgiven and I am loved!


At 4 years of age my daughter wanted to go see Jesus. I explained to her that it was impossible, for He was very far away! She paused for a moment and said, “Like Grammy ?”  I laughed and said, no its further. She really wanted to give HIM a picture that she had colored for HIM. She asked “Why can’t HE just reach down from Heaven and grab it!”  Her eyes were moist as I reached down to pick her up and hug her I assured her that even tho Jesus could not reach down from Heaven and literally take the picture, that HE did see it and HE loves her so very much!  Was reminded of how God truly does see our hearts!! At times we do so wish we could see HIM face to face, but we need to remember that Jesus is always right beside us, even tho we can’t see. And also that we can be Jesus for others…we can give that person a hug that so desperately needs it….or a listening ear. ….We are called to be Jesus hands and feet, to show HIS love every day!



Was driving one day and thinking about a problem and how I was going to handle it, for it seemed too big! A few seconds later I hear singing from the backseat. It was my 2 little girls singing the song, “My God is So Big, so strong and so Mighty there is Nothing my God cannot do!”……. I broke out in a big smile, for I knew that wasn’t a coincidence that they broke out in song like that, it was God showing me again that he is the BURDEN BEARER and HE can handle all my problems, no matter the size!! I quickly joined in song with my precious girls!



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