Caitlyn the Koala

Caitlyn was happily chewing away on her Eucalyptus leaves, breathing in the scent of the newly fallen rain. She loved a

rainstorm, enjoyed dancing in the puddles. Cassie and her would see who could jump the furthest and make the biggest

splash! Part of the fun was splashing Lady Larissa as she sped by. Larissa would act upset at first, but soon come back to

join in the fun.



OH, Caitlyn wished that she could always feel so carefree!  If only there were not so many things to worry about. Always so

much on her mind!  Worrying never changed things for Caitlyn, never changed the circumstances, but it still was so hard for

her to not worry.

“Cast your burdens on me and I will give you rest.”  She remembered that verse from the bible study that  Lady Larissa had

last week,  such a good teacher she was. If only it was as  easy for Caitlyn to  put into practice as it was for her to listen too!

As Caitlyn started listing the worries in her head for the hundredth time she tried something new, she listed her blessings!

Her blessing list soon outweighed her worry list !  So why did she spend so much time fretting! “Whatever is pure,

good.noble, and right….think on these things.”  True words, yet so hard to do at times!  If she wanted to feel more at peace

and carefree tho, she needed to do it.  She needed to turn her worries over to the Burden-Bearer.  His arms were so much

stronger than hers and He would gladly carry them!  It boiled down to 2 choices, she could spend her time moping and

weighed down with care, or she could think of good, pure and joyful things and dance in the puddles that life threw at her!


As Caitlyn jumped into another puddle, she decided she was going to give it her best shot to let go of the worries!

With that thought she looked forward to the next bible study at Larissa’s.  She wondered if Charlie would show up again.

He came in as Larissa was starting class last time. It was funny to see her cheeks get rosy and hear her stumble on

some words.  Lady Larissa soon composed herself though and went on to teach a valuable lesson to her jungle friends.

Caitlyn was determined to put Larissa’s lesson into practice this week. Splash! As she jumped into the next puddle!



One thought on “Caitlyn the Koala

  1. Really cute story,but so true. I too love to think on pure,lovely,admirable things when I am fearful or worried. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….

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