The Whisper of Love!

It was a Spring evening and my heart was heavy.  I was still reeling over bad news that I had been given, and I was working on supper in the kitchen. While working I was silently praying, “God do you hear me? Do you see me crying buckets of tears down here?   Are you there God, are you really there?

Seconds later the doorbell rang, it startled me out of my prayer and I wondered who it was. I opened up the door to see my Dad standing there holding a bouquet of flowers for me! He said how he would have stopped earlier but he had a meeting and he was going to wait til tomorrow, but felt like he needed to come tonight!

As we hugged, the tears just about streamed down my face, my Dad had no idea of the burden I was struggling with! This was NOT a every day occurence for him to stop and give me flowers!! But I knew at that moment he had been sent by my Heavenly Father, who yes was listening and had seen my tears. My Heavenly Father who wanted to give me a physical hug. My heart was full with thankfulness!


Please my dear friends if you feel God speaking to you and urging you to do something, DO IT!! You may not understand and it may seem like something very small to you, but it could make a big difference in someone’s life!! Be God’s messenger for someone who needs it!

Have a Blessed day!!

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