The Dance

Have you ever had God Moments ? The moments when you feel God’s touch on your shoulder like a butterfly, when you need it the most. The times when you feel down and out and need reassurance of God’s love for you, assurance that God is seeing your tears and that He cares!

You can sometimes miss these times, thinking they are just coincidences, but I encourage you to look at them for what they are, God whispering His love to you !

I have a collection of God Moments in my journal and came across one today that I wanted to share, for it took me back to the past and encouraged me. May it spread encouragement to you now !

                                                                  The Dance

I was sitting at my desk trying to hide my tears from my 4 year old as she was dancing away in the living room.  My heart was hurting and I was silently crying out to God. Suddenly my daughter’s voice cried out excitedly, “Did you feel that Mommy, did you ?”  “Feel what ?”  ” It was Jesus ! He danced with me, I put my hand out and I felt HIs!”

And after she said that, she went on dancing. At that moment I did FEEL it, I felt HIS presence ! He cared enough to speak to me through my precious daughter ! That made me feel warm all over and I knew in that moment,  that in spite of my heartache, God did care ! All He was asking me to do was not to try to  figure out the whys, but to take HIS hand and DANCE with HIM as he leads!

Take HIS hand my friends! I guarantee HE will be the BEST dance partner you ever had!

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